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Protected ISO Copy Mode FAQ

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    DVDFab's Blu-ray Copy module began offering the ability to make a Protected ISO (p-iso) of a Blu-ray disc in a recent version
    and this new feature has generated some questions. The most commonly asked ones are answered below. This ability has existed in
    Passkey for years and is not really new. In DVDFab, it is a sub-function of Clone mode. It was added as one of the many small
    enhancements that have been made over the years to give DVDFab users more control over how backups are made and stored.

    Q: What is it for?
    A: To give users more backup options. A p-iso is just a different way to store a backup. It retains the copy protection from the original disc. It can be used for research purposes or as a "safe" way to store your movies on a hard drive if you are worried about the FBI warnings.

    Q: What can I do with it?
    A: You can use it as a Source for DVDFab to make fully decrypted Full Disc or Main Movie backups, format conversions using Blu-ray Ripper module or any of the other things you could do with the original disc as a Source in DVDFab. Later, you will be able to play the p-iso backups using DVDFab Media Player. They can't currently be played in other commercial software players or usefully mounted for other purposes with DVDFab Virtual Drive.

    Q: Is this the same thing as the protected discs DVDFab could make to work around Cinavia?
    A: It is similar but uses a different technique and has different characteristics.

    Q: What are the steps to make one?
    1) Start DVDFab and insert the disc you want to back up.
    2) Select Clone copy mode in Blu-ray Copy.
    3) Click on the ISO output box near the bottom of the DVDFab window to let it know you want to write to HDD.
    4) A checkbox will appear that says "Keep Protection", put a checkmark here.
    5) Click Start.
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