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Setting Up ImgBurn and DVDFab to Work Together

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  • Setting Up ImgBurn and DVDFab to Work Together

    There is an easy way to set DVDFab and ImgBurn for your needs.
    Very easy takes less than 2 minutes.
    Once setup you will not have to click any additional buttons when using ImgBurn with DVDFab to burn single layer DVD5 media.

    Download and install imgburn.

    Set DVDFab to use ImgBurn burn engine and recommended speed
    1. Click Common Settings in the upper right corner
    2. Click the Write Tab under DVD / Blu-ray
    3. Select ImgBurn Burn Engine
    4. Select Recommended Write Speed [only for use with ImgBurn Auto Write Speed]
    5. Select OK and restart DVDFab to apply the changed settings

    Setting Up ImgBurn
    1. Insert your blank dvd media
    2. Click Write Mode from the EZ-Mode Picker
    3. Select AWS as your Write Speed
    4. Click Change Automatic Write Speed
    5. Select the desired Write Speed
    6. Click Add
    7. Set the AWS for each brand/mid of blank media you will use. You may also select different write speeds for multiple burning drives.
    8. Click OK
    9. Click Tools Menu
    10. Select Settings...
    11. Click the Build Tab
    12. Click Page 3
    13. Select Don't Prompt Image Details
    14. Select Don't Prompt Volume Label and Auto Answer 'Yes'
    15. Click OK

    Then just copy and burn as usual.
    DVDFab will automatically open ImgBurn and automatically Close when the burn is finished.

    Note: When burning a Dual Layer DVD, ImgBurn will present you with a Create Layer Break window. Select the best layer break according to the colored stars. You can even preview the layer break to ensure the transition will not interfere with your movie.

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    Thank you, Troy512. I had tried to burn an image file created by DVDFab using ImgBurn and it said that the image was not properly created (or something). Now I know to click burn anyway and will be asked for a layer break selection.


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      When using ImgBurn for burning DL DVDs, you can UNcheck the Remove Layer Break option in DVDFab Settings->DVD->DVD Protection for better results, especially when using Full Disc and even Main Movie in many cases.
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