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    Hi all! I really enjoy participating in metadata collection and submission however there seems to be some real issues with this function that is causing me to abandon it for now until hopefully someday in the future things get resolved. In the meantime I will post some suggestions that seems to be spread out here in the forum and some others that I have run into.

    Firstly, The stability of the metadata entry form in very unstable. I am lucky if I can get through a disc without the program crashing. I'm not sure if it just me or if other users are having similar issues, but I have run into this on both of my computers which are very high end machines. The program crashes both when trying to preview streams or when trying to enter info.

    Secondly, the preview stream feature is completely broken in the latest version and other users are having same issues. If I preview a stream, all I get is a black window with the timer and position meter moving. No video. The workaround is to use the old version.

    Thirdly, like other users have pointed out. If when selecting data and the drop down menu appear up instead of down, the mouse cannot select items without the menu disappearing. A workaround is to use the keyboard to select the item.

    Fourth and this is a nit picky thing, is that when select an item in a category such as bonus features, it gets moved to the top of the list of unknown or other categories. On some discs that have a lot of streams, this takes forever. Would love to have the items not be categorized like this and have them stay stationary.

    Lastly, a lot of users are uploading garbage (it seems they are only in it for the cash ). It would be great to have a way to submit corrections rather than just being able to give a thumbs down or up and feedback because I don't think the people who originally uploaded the metadata are going to go back and make corrections.

    Anyways, those are all the main reasons I am leaving being a submitter of metadata right now. I was having fun with it but once I got halfway through mapping out the Alien Anthology Disc 5 Bonus Disc and the program crapped out on me, that was the last straw. I hope this feedback helps whoever checks here and that other folk if they have come up with issues send feedback too. I am a huge Blu-Ray collector and would love to continue participating but cannot until stability and bugs are worked out. Excellent software otherwise! Thanks for all of the effort and time.

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    I agree with everything you are saying. I'm new to the product (well, new to Meta Info) and I have at least SOMETHING to offer; I've managed to irk out almost 20 submissions with more to be done.

    With being a complete drag to use (I had to roll back) and frankly the lack of response here on their official forums, I won't lie - my enthusiasm is waning.

    I'll probably continue to support, just slower. I really like the concept of this project and I want to continue to help it grow.


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      The staff has been out of the office a few days on holiday, be a little patient.
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        One other thought I have related to the metadata feature would be if there could be some kind of auto save like say every minute or so so that when the program crashes we wouldn't have to start all over again. This would be especially helpful for bonus discs where they are more complicated than regular movie discs. Especially when it comes to the Alien Anthology discs. I was have way through and had mapped out about 500 streams when the program crashed and erased everything. That was the last straw.


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          Hello all,
          I just wanted to report that after upgrading to the latest beta version of, that the metadata preview option is still not working for me. When clicking to preview a stream the preview window opens briefly and then disappears.


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            I normally keep two different versions of DVD Fab installed. In this case I have version and (in case of DVD cloud issues). I do this just in case something sneaks through on the beta that affects things that I work with. This way I'm not put out of commission.

            Besides, I actually kind of like the meta-info edit window on v9 better. It's easier for me to see the slider bars on v9 and I don't have to re-memorize all the Dragon NaturallySpeaking MouseGrid locations.


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              Thanks darkore. That's interesting. My question is that I bought the DVDfab All-In-One bundle. Does anyone know if I can use my lifetime keys for version 10 and 9 or do I need a separate key for version 9?


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                I also have the lifetime All-In-One bundle, and it allows me to have both versions On the Same Machine.


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                  I've been waiting for the new .8 version (got caught up with other stuff) hoping that preview window was fixed.

                  I'm very sad that it apparently isn't.

                  I'm also curious why there isn't more "public outcry" about it ...? It seems to me that creating meta data is pretty much reliant on being able to do the previews effectively. How are others coping with this issue?


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                    You are correct that the Preview function is crucial for making the Meta Info for most discs. Please try the latest v10: http://forum.dvdfab.cn/showthread.ph...ewpost&t=30402 and post the results here.
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                      Originally posted by signals View Post
                      You are correct that the Preview function is crucial for making the Meta Info for most discs. Please try the latest v10: http://forum.dvdfab.cn/showthread.ph...ewpost&t=30402 and post the results here.
                      For me still didn't work.