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    This has been covered briefly in another thread (now closed) but it's a very common problem so I thought it deserved a seperate thread.

    All the season discs I've tested so far, contain the 'Play All' feature. The advice was to specify this as a Bunus Feature. The problem is that if you chose this Type, there is nothing appropriate in the Description/Name pull-down.

    Can Play All please by added to to the pull-down list?

    An alternative would be to add an 'input text' option to the Description pull-down so that a contributor can then type custom text , if a pre-defined description isn't appropriate. Thanks

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    Your point is well taken, but Play All is implemented different ways from disc to disc. It is seldom a video file different from the ones that make up the episodes. It would require extensive code and analysis time to reliably test for this. Not saying it will never happen, but it will not be a feature that can be quickly dashed out.
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      Indeed, the Play All feature isn't a video file but a method of instructing the player to play the separate files in sequence.

      The solution would seem to be for DFDFab not to carry out any analysis and just allow the user to chose an additional Play All option from the 'Description' pull-down when 'Bonus Feature' is selected as a 'Type'.

      As it is I'd like to contribute the metadata for all my blu-ray boxsets, but leaving any field 'Unknown' prevents the upload and the Play All feature is the common unknown for every boxset disc.

      thanks again
      (fantastic software by the way!)