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  • supposed network configuration problem

    When I try to upload metadata, a pop-up message appears telling me the upload has failed and to check for some network configuration problem. I've a total access to the internet, without any problem other than this one. Could you tell me where I can find some clues to help me understand what is going on?

    Notes: I've never been able to upload anything. I'm using DVDFab10 version


    Chris CB
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    It is more likely a setting in your VPN (if you use one) or a firewall blocking the upload IP. Also, a SSL connection is required for this I believe. Check the logs for your security software and see it reports blocking access for dvdfab.exe or fabprocess.exe.
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      I've no VPN, and this upload problem occurs only with DVDFab10. I'm on a Mac so I've don't have .exe files (I should have said that before ). I've no particular configuration and no problems to download other things (with or without SSL).

      Could you send me some technical information about the way that DVDFab10 sends the metadata? (HTTPS connexion, ...). With that information, I would be able to track the connexion when it occurs.
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        Hi Chris, I'm afraid someone else will need to help you with that, I am exclusively a PC household. The Beijing office has a number of Macs, I will ask them to look in on this thread.
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          Thank you very much
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            Has anyone looked at this? I keep thinking it would be fixed in the next release -- but I like Chris get an "Upload Failed - Check Network" on a Mac Pro running Sierra 10.12.6. The only errors that I can find based in the Mac Log files are a TIC TCP Conn Even and and exceeding limit of 150 wakeups per second . DVD Fab Internal log shows ff error:0, Media Log tmdb result: {"status_code":7,"status_message":"Invalid API key: You must be granted a valid key.","success":false} there is nothing in the process or server or burn_internal logs. Let me know if there is something else I can do...


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              Currently having issues with specific disc unable to store local copy of meta data and provides network error when attempting to upload, but other discs are not providing any issues.
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                @ GreyWolf27
                Please send internel log here, and tell me your meta user name.
                Is this disc creat some .bin file under DVDFabCommon? EX: C:\Users\test9\Documents\DVDFabCommon
                If the files was there, post here.
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