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  • BD Ripper (3D Plus) Metadata handling

    Can we please have an option to turn off metadata on a disk by disk basis. Some of the metadata is great, but some really sucks. For example, somebody submitted metadata for Season 5 of the Blakclist which is worse than useless, they named every episode S5E1 which is completely worthless on its face, but creates additional problems:
    1. If you accept the metadata then each episode will require a confirmation dialog to sop them being overwritten
    2. It obscures the on disk title which is easier to figure out from an a episode numbering perspective.

    The other option would be to have some way to mark metadata as bad so that it gets removed from the central DB.

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    Nik, thanks for the feedback. You can use the Report button or send me a PM when you find bad Metadata. I will either fix it if I have the discs or make you the "owner" for that title so you can edit it. There is a forum for MetaInfo, I will move your thread there.
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