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    I can no longer find a selection in MS Manager to delete a movie. There used to be a "trash can" icon and now there is the "pencil" icon. The "trash can", delete icon used to be on versions and if I recall, but is not on and the new I can't find any method to delete a movie from the poster wall and the database other than a manual entry into the database. The "trash can" icon can be seen in the current manual available to download on page 30 and 31, dated 9/5/17. Is the delete function hidden? There needs to be some way to properly delete a movie that is no longer wanted or is a problem. Thanks.

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    Mine has been missing too since the last update that gave us the ability to put all movies in the movies section. After the update, it disappeared.


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      Just view the sata1 folder that contains the movies and press the Menu button. It will delete the file and update the poster wall. See below

      Click image for larger version  Name:	MS_DELETE_1007.png Views:	1 Size:	60.3 KB ID:	341589

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        I have a problem with loading a tv shows season disks. A disc from Season 3 is showing up under season 1 without image. It also shows up correctly in season 3.
        In season 3 disc 2 is shown twice. One is correct the duplicate is shown with the image of disc one.

        If I delete with the above screen does it remove the duplicates and also the correct content? It would be the fourth time I have to reload these discs just to get it displaying correctly in the poster wall.

        If I look at the poster wall via the Movie server the info under the images is Disc 1: 1-4 Disc 2: 5-10 etc.
        In the browser it only shows Episode1 Episode 2 etc.

        Through the browser I only see what is shown in the attached image. How do I get rid of the unwanted duplicate?
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          If you use Delete on the screen shown it will delete the actual files of the movie as well as the poster, it will be completely gone. If you just need to fix up the posters or correct them in some way, you need to access the Smart Library editor from the browser in your PC. I am checking this after updating to the new firmware and will add a screen capture if it is different.

          It is not working as expected for TV series. I will check with the Fab staff.
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            Thank you Signals. I knew I could delete everything, but that was not what I wanted. Before, the "trash can" would delete the movie from the database, but leave the iso on the HDD. As an alternative, if I mover the iso to a different directory (other than DVDFab) on the HDD, would that delete it from the database on a rescan? [I have a few movies for my grandchildren that I don't want on the server, but if I change my mind in the future, I don't want to have to copy the DVD's again.].


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              Yes, you can move the content to a new folder so that it is preserved but does not appear in the Poster Wall.
              1. Select the Menu while viewing the sata1 root as shown and select Create New
                Click image for larger version

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Size:	32.6 KB
ID:	341616

              1. Fill in the information for the new folder, I named mine NO SCAN. You can use it as a Target in DVDFab to place content there initially that you don't want in the Wall and skip the other steps below
              2. Again using the File Manager menu in sata1/DVDFab, select the one you want to remove from the Wall and cut and paste it into the NO SCAN folder.
              3. In the Smart Library editor page in your browser, the poster should vanish (if not, click Refresh). It will also be gone from the Poster Wall but the content is preserved.
              4. If you ever want to add the content in NO SCAN to the Poster Wall, there are 2 approaches
                1. Cut and paste the file or folder back into the DVDFab folder or
                2. Select the Edit pencil in the upper left and click the Add New Path button and click Save, this will add titles at once to the wall (see below)
                3. The No Scan will now be temporarily (or permanently) scanned and the content will appear in the wall.
                4. You can remove it all at once again by removing the new path you just added on the same screen

              Click image for larger version

Name:	ADDPATH.png
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Size:	18.0 KB
ID:	341617

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                Thank you Signals.....That will work, but I think it would be more user friendly to just have a button to delete and then a pop-up like many programs....delete file and poster or just delete poster. The best consumer product (in my humble view) is the one that is the easiest to use for a novice with the option for the sophisticated user to do anything they want within reason. As long as I have disc space, I'll just save the extra's in a different folder. Perhaps a more technical question....when the iso is removed, will MS delete that actual database entry or simply set the iRecycle flag in tbVideosFile to 1? I ask because with all the meta changes to link to the correct movie and deleted movies, the db gets cluttered with unnecessary entries. I don't see any program option to clean and compact the database. That could become a problem over time with a high volume of movies.


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                  Hi Duane,
                  I agree, providing functionality that accommodates both the novice and experienced user is a fine line to walk, but it has always been a goal of DVDFab products and Movie Server is no exception. The coders would have to respond to your question about the database cleanup, but it would seem to be a necessary function and may already be included (just without a manual control in the GUI).
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