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The first beta version DMS Cloud Manager is released out!

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    I agree with all the comments regarding moving to the cloud being a showstopper. This is the straw that breaks the camel's back for me. First they limit the number of rips per day, now they move things to the cloud. They are making it increasingly difficult to have a fully functional system without limitations. I have a collection of over 1000 movies. It's going to take me forever to rip them to my SAN. Now I have to be connected to the internet to manage my collection once the ripping has been completed. This will be the last product I purchase from DVDFab. The remote isn't even close to being optimized for watching movies. My NUC with Kodi is much more functional as a movie server than this unit and has none of the limitations.


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      Originally posted by gaeliz View Post
      I agree with the comment of "tbrowm25", I already own 3 DVDFab MS units, version 1.0.08 is not a solution far from being a mature firmware with more bugs that 1.0.07 did not have. All this is unacceptable, more than disappointed after all investment I did with three MS and local drives, going in the could is ridiculous. Tell me that you have a roadmap that will not go the direction of what I think you are going...

      What's problem that the latest version 1008 has the bug but 1007 does not have?


      Please post your logs the default location is:
      For DVDFab9_Win7 & Win8 C:\Users\User Name\My Documents\DVDFab9\Log
      For DVDFab10_Win7 & Win8 C:\Users\User Name\My Documents\DVDFab10\Log
      For Mac: /User/User name/Documents/DVDFab10/Log
      Please use attachment button and attach your most recent, Internal log and post right here.
      If it's the burning issue, please also attach burn log.



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        1008 SMB network discovery doesn't work and in 1009 it works from time to time...


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          It appears that Signals original post concerning the change in direction and stopping development on non-cloud firmware has been changed.

          10-01-2017, 01:54 AM
          Answers to questions from other threads:

          1) Continue to development of the non-Cloud firmware.
          2) As noted, you can always revert back to v1.0.0.8
          3) Network share support for Windows will be restored in the next release
          4) The update will not delete the currently stored movie file content (i.e.ISOs and folders) and the movie information will replaced and stored in the Cloud.
          5) The next update will not be until after the National Day holiday in China, since the office will be closed.
          6) This will not make connection to other devices (e.g. XBOX) more likely. Do not hold your breath on this one.
          7) This will rely a little more on your internet connection, so if you need to improve it I suggest doing that before trying this.
          8) NTFS formatted HDDs will continue to be supported going forward.

          This thread is open, you can post questions/feedback/results here. Please try it!
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          Wilson.Wang; Today, 06:56 AM.

          I would request a clear post stating DVDFab's intent for the product with respect to the original local Firmware design vs. the recently announced product direction change to cloud-based solution. Are you going to pursue just one of these? Are you going to pursue both? If both - which one will be the priority? (a practical reality - one will be the lead firmware, one will trail)

          Would appreciate some clarity here so I can make my own decisions about how/if I will invest anymore in the movie server product.



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            Why can't we create playlists locally? I do not need nor want the cloud anywhere near my machine. So please explain to me the reasons for having the movie server if I have to get on my PC to create playlists? This kind of defeats the purpose of having the box connected to my TV. If I knew I was going to have to use the PC I would have just kept the hdmi splitter and did it the old fashion way and saved myself $300.


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              Any updates? I am wondering if I should cancel my order?