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Understanding the Smart Library and first experiences

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  • Firmware Question Understanding the Smart Library and first experiences

    I just passed the "few days with mediaserver" mark and have to say that this box is one of the better overall media player I have experienced so far in a comparable price range. It really has a lot of potential.

    I do like the library ie MS manager feature which is really good. I haven't found out what is really the backend of it (it shows like a mymovies - mymovies.dk) based search engine.

    I haven't completely understood if/how the data is "stored" as after reboots I do have (like others) matched movies who disapear or only are displayed again after a new scan.

    On the web browser movies do even disapear when I log in again after a while eventhough the mediaserver remained powered up

    Thus some first comments (meant to be constructive feedback) :

    - Files matched which are stored on the internal HDD are generally always displayed. As I do have a lot of files on my NAS (ie smb path attached) I found out that mainly those are missing. -> are the matched file informations stored locally or does it have to be re-imported every time ?

    - Is it possible to rename new libraries ? I can create a new library but cannot rename it

    - I could also not rename the default "smart library" into something else even though I am offered the "gui pop up" to do so

    - It would be cool to have a lip sync function

    On a side note : I tried to integrate the IR commands with a home automation system and found out that the remote (based on egreat) holds a special coding which is difficult to learn for universal remote controls. I do believe that this media server (which is de facto more of a very promising mediaplayer, than a real server) could also serve home automation installations of any kind....and for that to really happen a control interface over IP either web or UDP would be excellent.

    Selling the dvdfab mediaserver as a mediaserver is maybe unfortunate as most people interested in a network media player do have NAS'es at home. dvdfab mediaserver is in my opinion (and from what I could experience so far) more a very very promising network media player and collection organiser/manager than a mediaserver.

    As with MS manager the mediaserver already has a web server interface it would be really great to be able to control the mediaserver over http. aka DUNE which has one of the most complete api for control over IP.

    Anyway I look forward to further firmware developments...

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    Hi eddy,
    Feedback both good and bad is fully welcomed by the developers and thanks for yours. Some of the issues you see with disappearing or missing data seems to be due to the timing of drive mounting by the MS. If a path is not available at the instant needed when bootiing, the MS assumes it does not contain previously loaded content (when in fact it does). It is an issue that has been reported by others and is being worked at high priority for improvement. To help with this we ask that you supply the server log from the MS, which you can find at the following path:
    \\[your box IP]\share\sdcard\Android\data\org.dvdfab.box.launcher\files\.vidon\profile. The filename begins with a date in this format: 20171116-server.log. Please zip the file and attach it to a post. If you get an error uploading, contact me by PM for alternate instructions.
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      message sent...


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        The next version will cancel the automatic scan logic on boot