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  • Video Playback Video positioning on screen is off

    I have a problem with a lot of 4k videos I have not being played back in the proper position on the screen. They are not centered and play lower on the screen than they should. This is also causing the bottom part of the video to be cut off.

    Anything that is full screen (16.9) works fine, but any video with the black bars at the top and bottom have this problem.

    Is anyone experiencing this and possibly know a solution? I have tried many different video settings and nothing so far has worked.

    Click image for larger version

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    I should add that Remux's with black bars on the top and bottom work fine


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      I don't have Valerian on my DMS yet, but the Fab output plays normally with PowerDVD17 and Fab Player 3. I have reported it, thanks for the feedback. Note that you can control this somewhat in Settings, but it will apply to all Sources. If this only happens with Valerian, it is a different issue. Please clarify that.

      UPDATE: The devs tell me this should only be an issue with UHD content that has been cropped. It is fixed, but will require updating the DMS and all its components to Android 7, which will take some time. DVDFab devs and egreat are working on it jointly, the problem is with the Hisilicon stuff inside the box.
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        Yes that is right, I only have this problem with UHD content that is cropped. That is fantastic that its identified and a solution is being worked on. I will eagerly await the Android 7 update. Once these little issues get ironed out the DMS is going to be the best media player on the market in my opinion.

        Thanks DVDfab team