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Development Update for DVDFab Movie Server

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  • From DVDFab Movie Server Team Development Update for DVDFab Movie Server

    Dear Fellow DMS Users,

    The organization and development for DMS has undergone some beneficial changes and the new Product Mannager (forum name: Juice) asked me prepare a short summary to update everyone on what is happening.

    Many of the changes are due to the huge success of DMS, which has been well received by a larger than anticipated community of users, many of whom have provided great feedback and feature requests for the box.

    First, be aware that the currently available Beta 3 Cloud firmware will be the last. The new focus for the development team is operation that combines enhanced web features with Local storage and control. The management webpage at dms.dvdfab.cn will be used for organization and management, but most importantly, a live internet connection will not be required to use the DMS with full functionality, with the exception of smartphone control, which will require that the box have access to the internet.

    Work is also underway on some new features, one of which is control of the DMS over IP, which many have requested. Most of the features and fixes are based on feedback from users so it is important to keep providing it.

    The timing and availability of this new configuration (and the correction of some bugs) will require that the DMS be upgraded to Android 7, which requires not only work from DVDFab but also the DMS technology partners egreat and HiSilicon. DVDFab and egreat are working cooperatively on their part of the project already, as is the team at HiSilicon, but it may still take some time to complete. The first alpha test versions will be made available in the DMS Insider forum which has been publicized here. If you have not signed up and would like to participate,
    please do so soon.
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