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How to reload firmware over network?

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    Hi, My friend OTA updated his DMS to, but his DMS appears to be stuck, it boots up, then displays that it "Cannot connect to server"
    The DMS does not display options for settings, so he cannot get to an option to upgrade from USB.
    He also can't get to any content, check network settings, etc...

    It sounds as if he can get to the file system of the DMS over windows SMB.
    Is there a guide on how to do a firmware upgrade/reset over the network? (Ie copying files from windows to the DMS?)

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    Can't be done as far as I know. Try putting an update.zip firmware file in the root directory of a USB stick and shutdown and restart the unit. If that does not work, the only choice is probably a factory reset using the power switch and button on the back of the unit. This will normally erase all user data and the unit may have to be re-registered.

    If you can access the shut down option using the remote, shut it down.
    Turn off the power switch on the back of the unit
    Use a toothpick to press and hold the reset button
    Turn on the power switch
    When the splash screen appears, remove the toothpick

    The unit should continue to boot with old firmware. You can then use the USB (as outlined above) or OTA to update. You will need to reconnect to your network.
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      Thanks Signals! I believe my friend opened a ticket with support and they got him functioning.

      He's interested now in trying the beta, so I'm making some arrangements to go to his place in the near future to help him with the USB stick needed for the most current beta.

      - Jack