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Accidentally accessed browser version of DMS, but...

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  • Accidentally accessed browser version of DMS, but...

    I had turned my DMS fully off last night including the power switch on the back. When I came home from work, old age crept in and I forgot I had done so. My display is blocked by a printer at the angle I sit, so I never saw it was not on. I accessed my server (I thought) through the browser. I made changes. HOW do I get these changes back onto DMS now that I have powered it on?

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    What firmware is running on your DMS?
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      I checked and it it says it is up to date. I cannot access right now. Updated DVDFab 10 tonight and now have connectivity issues between the server and my computer even though nothing has changed. Had to log off and log back in. Now when I try to send a movie through wired ethernet connection to the server from DVDFab 10, it says there isn't room on the HDD installed, but earlier it showed 1.3 GB available. But whatever the latest version was, I tried updating a bit ago and it says it is running latest.