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After Update no interent connection

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  • After Update no interent connection

    First time trying to use player in a couple months, so i got the firmware update screen. Ran update. Player will not verify credentials with latest DVDFab10 open on my computer, and when I enter login credentials manually it says no internet connection. Unit is on network - I can ping it and access the drive. And I do have internet. Tried DHCP and static addresses

    UPDATE - if I enter the wrong password it can go to the internet and tell me the credentials are wrong, so only if I have what I presume to be the right credentials does it then say it can't connect to the internet
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    If your network is wifi, unplug anything you have in the USB jacks and try it again. I updated mine via USB rather than OTA and did not experience this.
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      All hard wired. But I will try removing USB drive...


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        UPDATE Disconnected USB drive, rebooted. Still will not activate via DVDFab10 (which is updated and open on my desktop). Manual activate has progressed (?) from saying no internet connection after about 10 seconds, to now saying Actviating for the past 3 minutes

        FURTHER UPDATE After 5 minutes, it decided to give same no internet connection error


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