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  • OTA update-Failed to check update

    I have not been able to update my movie server using the OTA update since, July/14/2018, when it last updated using the OTA update. I have updated the server using a USB stick but the OTA update does not work. It always says "failed to check update". Does anyone know why it is not working?

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    I think there is no OTA update currently posted. Mine is busy getting some new movies loaded but I will check it later. You can download the most recent ones from the release announcements here in the forum.
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      Biggtank.....are you referring to OTA? That was the last OTA posted, all the others versions past that has been betas. I have installed every release after To date all the way to but have recently went back to because I really need collections to be manageable. I only started seeing the OTA to reinstall again after I went farther back from that release.

      Since I get this message to update everyday now, I tried to duplicate the problem you are seeing with ‘failed to check update’ thinking maybe it was pulled off the air but my install of OTA went in flawlessly. Have seen that error before and can’t remember why. If you can install it on a USB stick why is the OTA still showing up to install it? One should trump the other. Got me confused there......

      There are no OTA update currently posted but this one shows up to install it if you reinstall a past version before that last posted OTA date. Appears the latest beta installs/releases is being ignored as far as it knowing you already updated your DMS to those previous/latest releases and went back. Maybe development can probably verify this by going back past the last known OTA release.