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Handshaking problem ?

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  • Handshaking problem ?

    First of all I have to say this.When the DMS plays a 4k uhd HDR Blu-ray its is brilliant,the sound in Atmos perfect,the HDR picture amazing, a great player really but there are to many issues with it. We ( the owners of DMS ) are on the same journey as the developers, some owners are great contributors with beta testing, some owners are novices, some are well informed, but we are all in the same boat and perseverance and patience will get us to the end goal.

    My problem is ..when I play a 4k uhd Blu-ray in movie only mode ( that how I've set it in preferences as menu mode is still not fixed and you still get the icon pop up) the screen will go blank for 10 to 20 seconds but the movie is playing as I can hear the sound, when I can eventually see the movie I have to skip back to the beginning. the DMS is set to the correct resolution of the
    display 3840x2160 24Hz YCbCR 4.4.4 BT.2020 the DMS is routed through a Marantz receiver but this still happens if I connect directly to the display. I'm unsure of what happens in the advanced settings of the DMS as there is no information for this in the manual except for this

    (8.1.14 Advanced Settings If you cannot locate a specific setting at the Settings panel, then they can go to the Advanced Settings panel )

    some where along the lines there are some Handshaking problems and I've tried other settings with the display HDMI but I still think the DMS is at fault..but like I said when its playing it is brilliant

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    Sorry for the issue, the developers are checking the problem..
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      Originally posted by signals View Post
      Sorry for the issue, the developers are checking the problem..
      when they get back from messing about with the dark side of the moon