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  • DMS v1.0.3.5 Beta Mission Impossible: Fallout Dolby Atmos playback

    I recently got a 4K BD drive that I can rip 4K UHD files to my DVDFab MS. I started with Mission Impossible: Fallout which copied to my server intact and it plays but I get a great picture but only noise from the audio tracks. DVDFab Ms indicates it has a Dolby Atmos track. Is there a problem with copying Dolby Atmos tracks and playing them back on the MS?

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    Not to my knowledge, but I only had that firmware installed for a few days.Check you audio settings in the DMS.
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      I did. It should be routed out to my LG OLED65C7 via HDMI at the moment. I'm having problems with my PS Audio P500 power regenerator that keeps my OPPO from working so perhaps it's the LG and not the DVDFab MS. I'll check if it works with my headphone amp directly connected to the MS. I should have already thought about doing that.

      Thanks. I'll let you know if I determine it's still the MS.


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        My headphone amp works fine when it's set to the analog outputs on MS. The Lg does support Atmos and the setting was switched on but using the HDMI out on the MS just ended up giving noise. As I said I don't have the OPPO to try but the LG should work. I'll check with LG as well.


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          So a Reddit post pointed me int he right direction and a call to LG and some testing confirmed it. The LG OLED65C7 doesn't directly support Atmos. It requires that you connect the source to a receiver or other device capable of handling Atmos and then you connect up the LG to that device via the HDMI ARC connection on HDMI 2. The LG then really just handles DD 5.1 with Atmos metadata. Apparently ARC won't support full Atmos until HDMI 2.1 and eARC.

          I'll have to get the OPPO working. I believe the OPPO will have Atmos support or maybe it's new video format support that is coming out soon.


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            Generally speaking I can verify that Atmos works fine in DMS, I have a bunch of Atmos titles and an atmos receiver, and it switches to Atmos mode as expected.


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              Thanks, Basementjack. I have to spend some time and get the OPPO working again.


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                Just for my information. Is there a way to switch the audio tracks to something other than the default Dolby Atmos? I wasn't able to find it.