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  • From DVDFab Movie Server Team Development Update

    Dear DMS's users:

    I regret that there are not any new beta/official versions for DMS in some time, sorry for this but let me assure you we have not stopped the working for DMS's SDK and development continues daily. Here are some details of the current status.

    I have said in forum before, after I joined the team of DMS from Apri in 2018,
    there have been several SDK updates from v1020 to v1038, and while these versions solved some problems,
    we have found there always have been some new problems or some that cannot be solved completely with the current software architecture,
    just by adding patch after patch after patch.

    So in the end of 2018, I decided to start the development work for a completely new DMS version, which we refer to internally just as "v2000" for now.
    The software architecture is completely redesigned, trying to solve some of these problems and also support feature requests from users.
    Key features are that the DMS's database is fully redesiged and much of the code will be rewritten.

    Here are some facts and features about the v2000, please think of these as goals that may not all be included the initial v2000 release but will be added as development continues.
    • - local library is in the frist
    • - also working in offline mode and unregistered status, (of course, will still need an internet connection for scraping (import file to library))
    • - support local info file, like NFO files and using local images in high priority
    • - support DMS scraper service and TMDB too
    • - support cloud library, if you not like it, you can disable it
    • - support import/export library, and keep all your modified data
    • - support customize the path for downloading posters, backdrops, so can download more images and switch it dynamically
    • - support add mobile hard disk to library
    • - improve UI of check movie/tv/video
    • - support the concept of Group, Movie collection and repeat files will be put in group automatically, and you aslo can add Movie/TV/Video as your wish
    • - more better support for the file be created by DVDFab
    • - support parent lock or control by different Film Rating
    • - open NFS service for more friendly to Macosx
    • - upgrade SMB to 2.0 for Windows 10
    • - Other minor features

    Here is some information about the v2000 development progress:
    • - The database struct has been designed
    • - The major flow import files to library has finished
    • - The major operation of library is in the working
    • - The new interface of App and local Webapp is in the working
    • - Android 7 support is in the working
    • - other features in the working

    The release schedule:

    I hope the first beta version will be released before April.

    Let me also say that this is only possible due to your continued feedback, which we value highly!
    If you have any suggestions or questions please post in this thread or talk to me in Messenger(Please search "Dms ting"), I will not always be online, but will reply it in time

    Thanks .
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    Nice!!!!! Sounds good and thanks for the update Ting with future development in progress with the DMS going forward!!!


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      Thank you Ting for the updated information. Looking forward to the initial release of V2.


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        Sounds promising, Integration of Android 7 Should help too, tbh I have had very few issues with, the odd movie ending up in the DMS video folder but thats been easily edited and moved, I get a few wrong movie posters (the correct show when editing but it doesnt change) But all in all it has played everything ive thrown at it.

        One thing to mention in case it has never been fixed (if it has then sorry for bringing it up) but streaming from NAS of UHD discs, I had no end of stuttering issues when playing UHD over the network (bluray and 3D no issues at all) I ended up putting all UHD on the internal HDD, so I have not tried to stream a UHD disc since Has this been looked at? and if not can it be for the 2.x release? as I would really like to have all my UHD collection on NAS (even if its for safety from HDD failure in movie server)

        Thanks for the update ting, hopefully building the 2.x fw goes smoothly for you


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          Thanks for the update. Happy to hear work is continuing and sounds like you have a handle on the requests we have made.


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            Thank You ting,

            Thank you very much for the update. This new V2.0 sounds very promising.


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              I need this: open NFS service for more friendly to Macosx, did you know how to copy movies into DMS from mac OS ? Now is writtenen that there is no inaf space.


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                Ting, thank you for the update.

                You had a good product as of v1.0.1.0, and I'm sorry you weren't able to repair that product and enhance it. I do, however, look forward to seeing v2000.


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                  Nice, and please support for using IPAD to access the poster wall, just like zidoo


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                    It takes courage to make decisions like this, to redesign the architecture of a system when the original design constrains progress. I look forward to the potential benefits and appreciate the frankness.


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                      As per today it's 16 days till April - any updates if the roadmap is still accurate ?