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    My Media Server on the url screen still says 1.0 (How is this updated) New entries from dvdfab 11 does not show on the url screen or on the screen at the media server. The iso are in the right folders but updating or rebuilding , they never appear.. Things that were correct has the wrong name now and many have foreign names. Going through the file structure you see the file. They are only 2 levels down sata1\dvdfab .The server is 10.0.37 any movie that has been added since the first of february does not have a place holder or icon but is in the file structure. Going that way you can play the movie. How do I correct this?

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    Sorry for the problem, about all you can do for now is make sure your network connection is good. The firmware is being completely re-written and the new version should be available before long.
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