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  • Something new happening

    Something new just started happening. While watching anything on the MS, every little bit it goes black for like 1 second. Any ideas what is causing this?

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    All titles and types (DVD,BD,4KUHD, video file)? Have these titles played correctly in the past?

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      Yes, both BD and dvd. It didn't do this until after I reset the MS.


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        Flashing like that sounds like possible HDMI handshake issues. Try powering off both the DMS and everything else in the chain between the DMS and TV. Reseat all HDMI cables on both ends. Then power on the TV wait a minute, power on the AVR or any device in the chain, wait a minute then power on the DMS. Try it again. If you still have problems it would be best to plug directly to the TV if it is not already with a known good, certified HDMI 2.0 cable. HDMI is about the worst physical connection and protocol standard ever produced.


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          I figured it out. The screen refresh rate somehow was changed. I put it back to auto and all is well.