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  • DMS v2.0.0.5~6 Beta Playback

    Still having problems with 3d playback. most dont work and say 3d player not detected and the few that do work, the menus are very slow to come up and navigate around.

    some menus are working using top menu and pop up but lots of others still are not.

    i also found that after installing the update, i had 3d section and tags. i then rebuild library and then it did not show. i had to reinstall update for it to show back up


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    Thanks for the feedback and the log ID!
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      2006 still the same problems with 3d movies
      Beauty and the beast 2017- no 3d player detected
      Sherk - very slow menus

      Also I have alot of movies that the correct information is scrapped but does not show a poster without going to edit search and saving
      Example: All Harry potter movies

      I still Have 2 movies showing from which have previously been deleted and the path is- /mnt/sata/sata2/$RECYCLE.BIN

      Im not sure if this is from 2006 or 2005 but the showing of the movie wall by clicking "all" seems to have gotten alot slower and when scrolling down the wall it takes a long time to load the next batch to show

      i have found some movies play with subtitles and have to then be turned off with the button on the remote
      Example:Mike bassset england manager

      DVD playback seems to be choppy as noted by another user, looks as tho it is playing at 25p and not switching to 50?
      Example: Toy Story

      ID: 108167


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        Can anyone say if the play back issues will be resolved? I had the dms for 6 months now and still not able to use it. As much as the scrapping issues need addressing, the point of the dms is playing movies and i still cant do that


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          3D playback problem will be fixed in next version.