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No display on front panel of media server

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  • Hardware Problem/Question No display on front panel of media server

    i just got my 4th media server, the first few days I either got no display or garbled text. I no longer get any display at all, I do see the little red dot though. It plays fine. I did a factory reset, but that did nothing to help. Mona asked to send a photo, but that would do no good, as how can I take a picture if nothing is there?
    Any ideas on what to do?

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    Sounds like the display has gone bad. There is a section in the settings screen that would control the LED display, but if you performed a factory reset it should have reset the setting to display status by default. You can still try going in there and playing with it to make sure it is not set to off though.

    If that doesn't work just send Mona the picture she requested. So what if it just shows a blank display. That is the issue and you're sending what was requested. Maybe if you have it near the TV you can show that the setting for the display is set to anything other than off with the unit LED off that would be better.


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      Tried to send you a picture but keep getting error about uploading image, is there another way to send it?


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        Attach the image to an email and send it to service@dvdfab.cn. The image is probably too large for the forum servers or is an unsupported format. You can find out more about using images in posts here: https://forum.dvdfab.cn/forum/dvdfab...in-forum-posts Crop the image so that it is as small as possible and upload it as a png or jpg, max size is 700x500.
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          Will be keeping the unit with no display, and they expect me to pay over $70, to ship it back to China. I canít understand why postage for a bad unit is my responsibility.