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    Things are pretty quite on the forums these days, so I thought I would submit this observation.

    I recently installed a new SATA drive into the MS. For the first time, I let the MS format the new drive, which is did. The formatting went very quickly, which surprised me a bit, but the drive was recognized and I put several new files on it.

    The drive worked just fine for several days then suddenly, while playing back a movie, the unit exited back to the poster wall with a message that the file had been deleted. Since that was not possible, I immediately went to check on the file via the VIDEOS section and found that the SATA drive no longer was mounted. It was not visible either through VIDEOS or over the network. I re-booted the server and all was well again, for awhile. Then I got the same error again. This continued for a few days, each time a re-boot would re-mount the SATA drive. (sometimes it took a couple of re-boots to get it back)

    Thinking I had a bad hard drive, I inserted another new SATA drive, allowed the MS to format it, and used it for a few days. It began doing the same thing, exiting back to poster wall during playback and drive had disappear from system.

    I then tested both hard drives on another computer. They tested okay. However, when attaching to 2 separate linux computers, they both reported the partitions on the hard drive as "unknown type". This is in spite of the fact that the MS says it was formatting them as ext4. I also scanned the two drives using a partition management application, which reported both drives as having no valid partitions at all.

    So, I re-partition the two drives using linux computers as ext4. This took much longer than the MS. After loading into the MS, they are both working perfectly now for a couple of weeks.

    It appears that the MS formatting routine is not working quite right.

    As an aside, I am using version 2010 and am quite happy with the results, at least on the movie side of the system. This is certainly the best release since 1010. The tvshow side still has some problems, but I am hoping the next release will concentrate on getting that part working as well as the movies side does now.

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    Thanks for the feedback TB, I partition mine on a PC as GPT then they work fine in PC or DMS..
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