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    So been busy moving and stuff, found my doorstop (literally was using it as one) i mean movie server while unpacking, is 2.0.X worth installing yet or should i keep using what i replaced it with for now?


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    Depends on which one you are running now. There have been good reports from others (and a few problems) with v2.0.1.0/ I am currently using v2.0.1.0.
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      I, too, was days from relegating my MS to "doorstop" status when 2.XXX began showing up.

      My experience with 2010 has been positive. It still has some issues, but, at least as far as movies goes, seems to work pretty well. Much of what was lost during the ill-fated "move to the cloud" has been restored, though there is still some things that need improvement..Note that I don;t have any 4K video on my system, so I have no experience with that. But DVD and Blu-ray seem to work and the poster wall scraping is quite improved.

      For TV Shows, however, the system does not work as well. I would say it is functional, but not up to the same level as the movie side. I am hoping that the next major firmware release will at least bring TV show handling up to the same level that Movies is today.(Signals? Any comment?)

      So my MS is up and being used. I suggest you give the latest firmware a try and see if it works for you. I am encouraged that the latest firmware shows a significant improvement, unlike older updates where each release seemed to cause more problems than it solved..

      Your post is the second reference I've seen to a version 2011. I may well have missed it, but I don;t recall seeing a message with a link to that firmware. Where might I find that and what changes over 2010 does it contain?


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        It was a 'quick fix' release, for USB update only. I have tried them both and did not find a big difference. I'll see if I can find the release notes, but I kept v2.0.1.0.
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          I'll patch it up and see how it goes then, I am pretty happy with my alternative I've been using before i moved but it has its own drawbacks, i.e. no pass through audio so the best i get is PCM on TRUEHD with no Atmos, on the flip side it has great library scraping, playing from NAS all work flawlessly, and it has Dolby Vision, where as MS has pass through but no Dolby Vision and in the past glitched NAS playback for several 4K ISO's.

          I also started working on a NUC as an alternative with the DVDFab Media Player, but Dolby Vision still isn't supported on it either, and command line support is still lacking some.

          Guess only one way to find out. Once i get my new TV, supposed to be today but Dorian might of pushed my install out a day or two.



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            So scrapper seems a bit better, but still a doorstop skips way too much still on 4K ISO from NAS, in fact its possibly worse than before, it used to be select titles now it seems like most titles. Bummer, and its been almost 3 months since last update so guessing either radical updates again or product has fallen by the wayside again. Great thing they extended the warranty by an extra year when i bought one of the early ones, it might actually work as advertised after 3 years, or not.

            sigh, i am so happy with most of the other products this company sells, this has been a cluster on the best of days, and a real negative on their reputation.

            I will check back in later again to see if anything improves, but i still suspect its a limitation in the hardware, or a bad decision in the platform in some way they can't code around.

            To be clear my AppleTV and my other devices play from the exact same library on the NAS and never skip, its only this product that fails so its not the NAS or networking as i have put it on the exact same cables as the other devices to eliminate outside influence.


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              I see this as well, I can even use the DMS as the source for PLEX and play Via Roku etc. with no problems.
              HOWEVER..... These players scale the stream. Where the DMS tries to push the full bandwidth.

              I even have a few audio sync issues playing AVI file on the DMS that are FIXED via Plex/Roku or even DLNA on my TV etc.
              Thus, I don't really worry about these few issues. ( it would be nice if it just worked. ) however, I cannot play any ISO's from PLEX etc.

              Some of my collection just would not rip/convert and I had to copy to ISO. These play, but I could not convert episodes from these ISO copies either!
              Thus, I have WAY to many ISO's on my server. But it is nice to have the option to play these from the DMS!!!!