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    DMS v2.0.2.1 Installed With Some Issues Noted

    Had installed V2.0.2.1 over the weekend and have been working with it. Overall not much has really changed that jumps out at you. The changes for collections is very subtle but do see the added improvements within it.

    Before installing V2.0.2.1 I had deleted 36 unwanted movies from my HDD. So I had to do a rebuild of the library after the install (Note: this install doesn't require one to do a rebuild but had too, to clear DMS movies). The rebuild did not go well for this install, it gave me double poster copies for a lot of my movies and some did not show up at all, a lot did not show up. So I did another rebuild, I got some of the movies back, not all....but this time it made collections for movies that were not collections, I have around 120 collections, it added 56 more collections groups to that which were/are not part of a collection. I did a 3rd rebuild of the library and could not believe that it got worst in only two movies showed up on the poster wall and every other poster and movie I have , no collections this time, were blank like I was just starting to add new movies to the server. Figured out that rebuild appears to be broke and tried 'update library' the fourth try and that worked for me, I was able to get everything back the way it was before the install. Reading some of the other post, it seems I am not the only one who has experienced this issue.

    Do have one other item....in that if this upgrade was directed at collections, I don't get it!! Just bought and received 'The Incredibles' 2 movie collection and put it on the server. It did not create a movie collection by itself. It put both Incredibles 1 & 2 on the wall without creating a collections for it. Think this should be done without intervention.

    Good feedback, thanks. I did not have to rebuild the library on mine and Collections were preserved.
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      Figured out why 'The Incredibles' wasn't made into a collections on it's own using V2.0.2.1. It's labeled as two different movies even thought it's a collection. The first movie is titled 'The Incredibles' the second is titled 'Incredibles 2'. I edited the NFO file title to 'The Incredible 2' to try to force it into a collection, all that did was generated another 'Incredible 2' with a different path and put both 'Incredibles 2' as a collection. 'The first 'The Incredible' movie still didn't move in with them. Changed it back and moved them manually under add a collection function BUT still think it should be done automatically on it's own.

      I could be wrong in that I have two other collections that do that, one other one that will not form a collection on it's own is 'Unbreakable', 'Split' and 'Glass'. Tried in so many ways to do it before the add collection option and it's just not possible without that feature.

      Also....I forgot to note in my first post that this was a good release in that it was released as an OTA (my preference), USB if you want and prefer to upgrade that way but the noted one that is 'new' and I like was the option tab to 'skip' doing the upgrade all together if you didn't want too....nice!!
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