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Region- AND Country-Code-Locked Blu-ray Discs

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  • BD Ripper (3D Plus) Region- AND Country-Code-Locked Blu-ray Discs

    On the Internet, I have found something interesting: Some Blu-ray discs check not only the Region, but also the country code of the player or the player software.

    This means, for example, although USA and Japan are both Region A, some American discs will NOT play on a player/ player software installed in Japan, because the two countries have different country codes (Japan has 19024, the United States has 21843, and Canada has 17217).

    In the case I found, a user wrote: "I have the region A release of Amagami SS+ from Sentai Filmworks, and wish to play it with power dvd14, but because it is set up for a Japanese system the disc will not play and a black screen is displayed saying the disc is intended for US/CA use only and will not play."

    Would it be possible to add an option to DVDFab Passkey that can circumvent this and to DVDFab an option to remove this?

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    Hi, mediabox
    We will investigate it first and then make a decision.
    Thanks for your feedback.


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      Hi, mediafox
      I didn't find any valuable information about country code. Could you show me some links about this matter, I will appreciate you.


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        Blu-Ray Country Codes

        Here is the thread I found on the Internet:



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          Blu-ray Country Codes

          Have you meanwhile done more investigations about Blu-ray country codes, and will an option to bypass/disable them be added to Passkey and other programs in the near future? Or at least a "Force-US-BD-Country-Code" option, because it is mainly US Blu-ray discs that use that protection?


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            Nothing I have heard. Is there an updated list somewhere of discs using this awful trick? Seems only a few (3) based on the other thread.
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              Region- AND Country-Locked Blu-ray Discs

              I found on the Internet these lists of Blu-rays "geo-locked" in this way:


              Log Horizon Collection 2
              Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse Blu-ray Collection 1
              Little Busters Refrain
              Non Non Biyori
              Engaged to the unidentified
              Golden time 2
              Hozukis coolheadedness
              Patlabor the new files
              Space brothers 1


              Detroit Metal City Complete Collection Blu


              Heaven's Lost Property the Movie: The Angeloid of Clockwork (EDIT: this one still works but it forces English dub only if the country code isn't US)
              Patlabor The Mobile Police (TV): Collection 1
              Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere II
              Inu X Boku Secret ServicePhi-Brain ~ Puzzle of God: Season 2, Collection 1
              Queen's Blade: Rebellion
              Rurouni Kenshin: New Kyoto Arc
              The Garden of Words


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                Geo-Locked Blu-ray Discs

                Now that the thread has been read 1,000 times and many people seem to be interested in it, I would like to ask again whether there are plans to add an option to circumvent/remove the country-code protection to DVDFab Passkey and DVDFab, or at least an option "Force US BD-Country-Code".

                Enclosed you will find a list of BD country codes I found on the Internet ( http://lxr.mein.io/source/iwinfo/iwinfo_madwifi.c ). It may be of interest for programmers and users. The codes are given in HEX, so e.g. the code of the United States (21843) is 0x5553.

                Thank you in advance .
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                  Geo-Locked Blu-ray Discs

                  Originally posted by mediafox View Post
                  Here is the thread I found on the Internet:

                  Since SlySoft is now called RedFox, the link address has changed:



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                    Country-Locked Blu-ray-Discs

                    Here are some files from the weblink mentioned above ( https://forum.redfox.bz/threads/coun...ed-disc.63079/ ) containing the country-code protection. The FIXED files were altered manually to remove the problem. I hope this helps the DVDFab programmers to add a country-code option to their products.

                    Many greetings,

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                      Country-Locked Blu-ray Discs

                      After a long pause, the same question again: Are there any plans to add an option to bypass/remove BD country codes to Passkey/DVDFab/Media Player in the near future?

                      Many greetings,



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                        According to the news, Passkey version can remove the country code of "certain" Blu-ray discs. But there seems to be no option to disable/enable this fearture, and what discs are supported?

                        It would also be good if the user could select the country codes for different countries (they are listed in the .TXT.file above). So could you please add a "Remove Country Code" option with a list of countries as you have already done for the DVD and Blu-ray Regions?

                        Thank you and many greetings,