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    Hi LaciBacsi

    The display forced subtitle option that is under Ripper is not what you think of. To implement the feature you requested in BD Copy -Main Movie mode it needs time. It has been passed to the developers. If there is any update, we will let you know.

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      Ok, thank you.


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        For me the main issue of "Forced subtitles" is that I originally expected it, once selected, to simply use the sub titles that appear automatically when you view the movie, i.e. the ones that are for elements of language that are not the same as the main audio. So once I'd selected that option in preferences, I expected all my movies to show their forced subtitles. But I've since discovered it's not as simple as that...

        I use the option to render to the video file, so these subtitles would appear in whatever player I use, regardless of whether it had subtitle capability. But when you select direct render, it automatically chooses the first subtitle track, which unfortunately might not be that track in which the forced subtitles are contained. So for Forced Subtitles and direct render you have a game of Russian Roulette as to whether you actually get the forced subtitles, even with the option selected. Worse still, for reasons best known to the Blu-ray producers, sometimes the subtitles that are displayed by default are NOT actually tagged as Forced, so to get those rendered you must not only find the track in which the "forced subtitles" are contained, but also turn off the "Display only forced" option to get them rendered.

        So with each movie you're faced with 3 guesses to make - 1 Does it have forced subtitles, 2 Which subtitle track are they in and 3 are they forced or coded as the only things in that track?

        There's a great resource here that takes some of the hard work out of it for you https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets...Ek/edit#gid=20

        But it would be great if DVDFab could remove the need to worry, so if you select "Always display forced subtitles" then it finds the right track for you, and knows whether to use forced or non-forced. The Blu-Ray players always seem to know, so I'm guessing the information is stored in the disk data somewhere. I suspect the first scenario of finding which tracks contain forced subtitles would be the simpler of the two to handle, as I imagine it should be possible to scan the subtitle tracks for forced tags up front.


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          As has been explained many times over the years, the methods of creating translation subtitles on discs varies tremendously. Yes, DVDFab could automatically find them all, but it would require a tremendous increase in the amount of time necessary to analyze a disc, more than most would tolerate. It is easy enough to find which sub stream to select using the Preview function in DVDFab or almost any player.
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