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  • v11 Feedback Feature Requwst Multi Device Licences

    OK I really like your product and you are doing a great job in quick developments to meet latest Video standards / platforms. I do think your license policy needs a rethink especially when it comes to users like myself with multiple devices. I realise the market in general is now moving to a per instance pricing model but you are way behind other sw companies like Norton or Acronis for example in making this user friendly and reliable. I frequently get Unauthorised device challenges even though the same product on the same device was working perfectly OK the day before and I have not undertaken any significant system or hardware changes or upgrades. Only fix is several reboots or most recently as an extreme measure to "Deactivate all Authorised devices" via my member login and start from scratch. Add to this the rather worrying message that this can "only be done once a year" - VERY unuser friendly and WHY is that the policy? It should be possible to deactivate a single device license at any time via my member page, its no good saying to do this on the licensed machine because in my case, one of the licenses is logged against an old device whose motherboard died a death and long since replaced.

    Secondly the above mentioned companies and others register licenses under the Computer Name registered under windows control panel. This means you can easily deactivate licences in confidence because you know for sure the device it relates to. Your screen uses something called a "Device Name" with a Hex Code presumably derived somehow by your own derivation of the Hardware labelling on the registering Device - something which your user cannot possibly retrieve. If you must have this hex code designation for your purposes then fine but why can't you simply extract the Windows user friendly Computer Name and add it to the registration entry? It's not that difficult!

    The once a year restriction added to the way you label the authorised device is highly irritating and unnecessary. If I purchase 4 device licenses its up to me how I manage these providing I don't exceed the max device level and you help me in identifying which of them are active. Please take a look at this and get rid of your once a year policy and assign user friendly identification names.

    Look forward to your comments and how to get this resolved.

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    This might be possible if the DVDFab license system had not been abused so much over the years. The things to which you object are there to protect the integrity of the license and those that have paid for it. It is unusual to need more than the 3 or 5 licenses you can purchase, but if you have one that you can no longer access, you should use the Deactivate All button in the Member Center. If this happens again within a year (even more unusual) you can contact the service team and they have the discretion to allow you to do it again in the same year if the situation warrants it.
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