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We need your help! Stop Internet Censorship!

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    Censorship is prior restraint of speech. You have now complained publicly twice about his non-existant issue. Let it be the last time. Posts that do not contribute to a thread are subject to editing or deletion, read the rules that you agreed to follow when you registered.
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      Originally posted by signals View Post
      We are asking everyone to send Kaspersky Internet Security an email, requesting that DVDFab's website pages be removed from the "illegal software" list, which blocks Fab's content when Parental Controls are enabled. Thanks!
      Wow! I just bought the all-in-one lifetime version. I did not see this though, and I was using the Kaspersky product on some of my compyters here. I've now uninstalled it. I will also recommend to my customers that they don't use Kaspersky products. Some will take the advice, some wont.

      I have written to them as requested.


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        Ha, you worry about Kaspersky and sticky a thread in your forums, but have no thread, sticked or otherwise, about SOPA.

        Knowing how things usually happen around here, if I or anyone else made a thread it would probably either get locked or moved some place where no one could see it.

        And the ironic thing is, if SOPA passes, that will basically be the end of DVDFab.com.

        You guys just don't get it.

        Go ahead and delete this post if you want, but you may want to look up what SOPA is first before burying your head in the sand. It's pretty serious.


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          Originally posted by AllNight View Post
          Ha, you worry about Kaspersky and sticky a thread in your forums, but have no thread, sticked or otherwise, about SOPA.
          SOPA deals with piracy, which includes copyright theft amongst other things.

          According to copyright laws in most countries, you're entitled to make a (single?) backup/copy of a movie you own (and have paid copyright fee for). In fact, as I understand it, (film)companies should supply you with the means or tools to enable you to exercise your right to make a backup/copy of the movies you own. As we all know, movies on discs cannot be copied in the normal fashion because they are copy protected and in most cases (with very few exceptions) the companies that produce and sell us these movies do not include a 'digital copy' in the box along with the copy protected dvd / blu-ray.

          So in fact, DVDFab enables us to exercise our right to make a backup/copy of the movies we own, because the entertainment industry denies us these rights.


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            They have been talking about censorship and a internet filter has been proven to slow the internet down alot here in Australia i am in Adelaide and it is so poor what are the speeds like overseas in Australasia for a while hope it dosen't happen our internet speeds in Australia are already very poor and thank god the new NBN is staring soon (National Broadband Network)


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              the simple solution is "just don't buy the program". nothing talks like money.