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question for people who use dvd shrink

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  • Software question for people who use dvd shrink

    as i have the free version of fab, pretty soon i might get an external bluray burner. if i do, and as i use dvd shrink on the regular dvd's to shrink down to 4.7 gb, is there a dvd shrink type stand alone i could use for blu-ray to shrink to 25 gb? and can it convert to winrar so i can burn using regular DVD Decrypter? (not fab) if so i hope you can share a link so i can check it out.

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    You can burn with ImgBurn, which is free.
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      yeah i know that but that won't shrink to a BD-R 25 GB disc. i was wanting a file that would shrink a 50 GB file after ripping to a 25 GB BD-R as i know DVD Shrink won't read that. If it reads those though,let me know.


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        Don't you think that this is an inappropriate question on a forum that produces a commercial product to do just that?
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          i didn't know it was inappropriate. i'm autistic as you know so if what i said was not wanted in this thread,then i apologize. i'm thinking about buying a blou-ray player and thought maybe if i could decrypt using the free produuct,then shrink with another then burn with dvd decrypter,you might know of something. anyway,again i'm sorry.