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    I'm trying to extract audio from a Concert DVD using DVD Ripper > Audio but when the task is complete (takes only 9 seconds so something is not right) There is no playable file. I have a registered version of DVD Copy and I am trying the trial of DVD Ripper.

    Thanks for any help.
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      Hi GWCTas
      I have never done this but here are the instructions that I have, you can try it on a newer version of Fab I do not know if it will work.

      1. Install (international version, css) found here http://www.oldapps.com/dvdfab.php
      2. Reboot
      3. Start DVDFab
      - When running DVDFab be sure to first turn off any on the fly decrypters if you have it, otherwise you will have problems.
      4. Insert your DVD Audio disc, set the "Source" (box on top) if needed.
      5. On the left under "DVDtoDVD" click on Clone
      6. Uncheck "Copy DVD-Video Data Only"
      7. Uncheck "Copy Original IFO Files"
      8. Set the "Target" (on top) to desired location
      9. Click "Start"
      10 Burn the resulting .ISO file with ImgBurn to get a DVD Audio disc.

      Note that ripping DVD Audio disc will remove the CPPM protection (kind of DVD Audio's equivalent to DVD's CSS), but it will not remove any watermarking protection. Some DVD Audio players will observe watermark protection and stop the playback on discs made from rips after ~ 30 seconds, while other players ignore any watermarks. I believe if you Google around a bit you can find a list of players that ignore it.

      Also keep in mind if your disc is getting cracks that there may be data problem with the resulting rip. For testing you can always try extracting to individual hi-res tracks on your hard drive (i.e., multichannel flac) using free tool called DVD Audio Explorer and then play back the file in something like Media Player classic or VLC player.

      Hope this helps
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        The audio extraction profile appears to be broken in v8.1.3.3, I can't get it to produce a file with any audio when selecting the mp3 or mp4 profiles. Which one are you trying to use, or are you just trying to extract the AC-3 DVD audio? I have passed this along to the QA Team so they can check it.
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