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  • DVDFab 9 Review

    I have just recently decided to go from DVDFab 8 and try out DVDFab 9 and so far if I had to say which version is better, I would have to go with DVDFab 8.

    I feel the user interface of DVDFab 8 is much easier to navigate and use.

    I also noticed that with the Blu-ray ripper on DVDFab 9 there isn't a way to type in the output file name like there is with DVDFab 8. This feature was one I really like with DVDFab 8 and should be added to DVDFab 9 as well.

    Also the updater doesn't really work and there isn't a "Check for Update" button like in DVDFab 8. I had to go to this forum to find out there was an update available for DVDFab 9.

    These are all the things I have noticed so far. If I find any other little bugs or things I feel need to be fixed or changed, I will post them here. I encourage others to share their thoughts of DVDFab 9 here as well.

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    Hi superscorer3
    If you spend much time on the forum you would see that there are already threads on this subject.
    Even if it's a little thing, do something for those who have need of help, something for which you get no pay but the privilege of doing it.

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      I did notice a few threads where people had posted just basic comments about DVDFab 9 but I didn't really see a thread where they were reviewing it, pointing out bugs, saying what they liked and didn't lie, and giving suggestions for improving it. So I figured I would start one.


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        Another feature I noticed that DVDFab 9 doesn't have that DVDFab 8 does is the ability to create a personal default settings for formatting the ripped files from the disc. This is a feature I would like added to DVDFab 9.


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          A full-featured profile editor will be added to v9 soon, please wait.
          DVDFab is the all-in-one software package for copying Blu-ray/DVD and converting video file.


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            The most recent release of DVDFab ( does not work. It crashes at boot every time. I had to re-install the previous version ( to get it to work.


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              Correction: it does not work for you. It runs fine for me and most others. Post in General Questions or one of the Support forums for help with the problem, NOT HERE.

              Originally posted by superscorer3 View Post
              The most recent release of DVDFab ( does not work. It crashes at boot every time. I had to re-install the previous version ( to get it to work.
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