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    hi. i hope this is the area to post at . i am at the point i am thinking alot about getting a vpn to i hope help protect my internet but i wanted to ask if i were to how if any would a vpn hurt or stop me from getting updates . i have not decide on one vpn still researching for the best one that offers me the best speeds and if i need to do any upgrades like a new router and what not .

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    It should not be a problem. I have used a VPN connection for many years. There are occasional problems when an internet provider may have blacklisted one or more of the VPN IPs (e.g. when they are used by malware or spammers), in which case you may have to select a different IP/location.

    You do not have to host the client software on your router, but you can, if desired. VPN connections will almost universally be slower than what you get from most providers. My base speed from my provider is 62 mbps, but only about 1-3 mbps when connected via VPN. So putting your router on VPN will slow everything on your network down, dramatically in some cases.
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