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DVDFab will not run with AnyDVD installed.

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  • DVDFab will not run with AnyDVD installed.

    I own both DVDFabHD and AnyDVD (with lifetime updates), and I just now downloaded the latest Beta ( and installed it on my PC, but now I receive this error message:

    "AnyDVD is installed. DVDFab may not be able to work properly, and meanwhile, the access to Cloud Decryption Database will be disabled. The access to Cloud Decryption Database is critical for DVDFab to completely remove the ScreenPass protection, or decrypt new Blu-rays more efficiently and much faster. Please uninstall AnyDVD."

    There were other threads with "DVDFab not working with AnyDVD installed", but all of them were closed. Reading posts in yet another thread where you (Fengtao) were stating for "AnyDVD to remove this limitation as well", but there are no limitations set by Redfox to "uninstall DVDFab". http://forum.dvdfab.cn/showthread.ph...ghlight=anydvd

    Redfox has set no limitations on whether I use other software on my PC or not. Surely there is a way to enable CloudDecryptionDatabase while AnyDVD is installed on the same machine. My question is, if this is now the normal operation of DVDFab (disqualifying users from purchasing/installing AnyDVD), then I would like a full refund.

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    You are incorrect, they have prevented using DVDFab and Passkey for years. The two companies are working on a system to correct this problem. Let's not be over-dramatic. Now this thread is closed too, there is nothing more to say.
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