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Self promotion (re; Media server advertisement)

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  • Software Self promotion (re; Media server advertisement)

    I have life time licences for 5 DVDFab products and I discovered the other day that while backing up some purchased DVD's, that DVDFab now carries a built in advertisement for Fab's Media Server. Personally I think it is a bit bloody rude to include such an advertisement in your product considering that one has already paid for a number of life time licenses....

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    It is not meant to be annoying and while I regret you would find it so, opinions can differ. But please consider: it contains neither garish colors nor the truly annoying animations that come "included " with many software products. It does not cover up any functional areas and is carried within a box that 1) has carried a promo for Fab Media Player for quite some time and 2) does not require an extra click to close the ad before proceeding, thus making few demands .To me, fairly harmless. For the record, it is called Movie Server.
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