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  • Software Voice Over Audio on ripped saved to HD Blurays

    I ripped my bluray and saved a copy to my external HD and when I played it back there is a narrative voice over the audio track in addition to normal audio. How can delete the voice over. Thank for any help you may provide.

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    What is that narrative voice telling you? What software do you use to rip? Without a little bit more information one can only stab around in the dark.
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      sounds like your getting the directors commentary, try removing the AC3/2 stream
      what are you using to play back the movie ?? you can always turn off the directors commentary when playing back the movie.


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        Did you rip all of the audio tracks or just one? Typically, on BD, the main English audio is DTS, DTS-HD or Dolby-TrueHD; the descriptive audio, if any, as well as director's comments, if any, may be AC-3/5.1 or AC-3/2, though exceptions my occur. The Highest quality audio is usually the main English audio. You can always play the original BD and select through the various audio options when playing the main movie and make note of what is what. If in your rip, you only have one audio track, then you likely ripped the wrong one. I think you can also preview the audio tracks in the built-n player in DVDFab. Select each one in turn (turning all others off) and preview in the preview mode.


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          First of all, thank you for responding. I'm using DVDfab Bluray copy and I play it back Windows 10 movie player. I believe the directors commentary is the voice over. How can I remove the AC3/2 stream and turn off the directors commentary as well. Thanks again for your help.


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            there should be some settings for the windows 10 movie player that allow audio selection.


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              If you have the movie as a BDMV folder on your PC, you can easily re-process it with DVDFab to change the default audio stream, just load it as a Source using the "+" button and make sure only the topmost audio stream has the small white arrow on the extreme left, this is the one that will play by default. I would suggest a different player also. DVDFab Media Player, PowerDVD, even the free VLC Player is better than the one that comes with Windows. See the capture below for help setting the default audio stream. If you removed all the other streams, you will have to start over from the original disc. In the future, don't use General Chat forum for DVDFab questions.
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