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List of Blu-Ray drives that works best with DVDFab?

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  • List of Blu-Ray drives that works best with DVDFab?

    I remember a while back seeing a semi up to date list of drives that had pro's and con's? The reason I ask is that I damaged my laptops 9.5mm sata drive yesterday and need to order a new one. Can anyone please point me to the forum link? I thought it was a sticky post because of the new UHD formats but I may be wrong.

    *edit Current drive is UJ262
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    found this - https://www.dvdfab.cn/manual/uhd-cop...ted-uhd-drives
    and more here - https://www.dvdfab.cn/4k-uhd-drives....ID=productpage
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      I don't believe I have seen a "friendly" internal UHD drive for a laptop. Some of the ASUS drives listed are slim types but are in external enclosures judging by the pictures I found of them. If you have an open USB port, I would suggest a full-size drive in a USB enclosure.
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        Thanks october262 and signals for the replies, I was hoping to find something 4k to upgrade to in the 9.5mm size range for future use but my searches only come up with 3-5 year old drives in the 9.5mm range. I didn't know that they were not available in "slim" versions. As I want to keep the drive internal currently, I'll just order another UJ262 drive until I upgrade the laptop in a few years and turn it into my "new" Plex server if it still runs.(It's a ASUS ROG). Thanks again for the valuable info.


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          Actually, I just found the LG BU40N will work in my laptop, if not, I can return.


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            Hi I have a few LG WH16NS60 Firmware Version 1.00 in stock that I am selling on ebay if anyone is interested. These are UHD Friendly as they have the Old Firmware:


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              Whomever is tempted to buy the LG WH16NS60 from this fellow selling them on Ebay claiming they have a "rare" version of firmware, please take a step back and don't get scammed. There is only one release of firmware for that drive, and there is NOTHING rare about it. Not to mention that he is selling them for double the cost. If you really want a WH16NS60 I'll go buy one at the store

              If you would like a "rare" drive with a truly "rare" version of firmware on it, contact me. I don't play games, and have probably 100 references who will vouch for how I do business.