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List of Blu-Ray drives that works best with DVDFab?

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  • List of Blu-Ray drives that works best with DVDFab?

    I remember a while back seeing a semi up to date list of drives that had pro's and con's? The reason I ask is that I damaged my laptops 9.5mm sata drive yesterday and need to order a new one. Can anyone please point me to the forum link? I thought it was a sticky post because of the new UHD formats but I may be wrong.

    *edit Current drive is UJ262
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    found this -
    and more here -
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      I don't believe I have seen a "friendly" internal UHD drive for a laptop. Some of the ASUS drives listed are slim types but are in external enclosures judging by the pictures I found of them. If you have an open USB port, I would suggest a full-size drive in a USB enclosure.
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        Thanks october262 and signals for the replies, I was hoping to find something 4k to upgrade to in the 9.5mm size range for future use but my searches only come up with 3-5 year old drives in the 9.5mm range. I didn't know that they were not available in "slim" versions. As I want to keep the drive internal currently, I'll just order another UJ262 drive until I upgrade the laptop in a few years and turn it into my "new" Plex server if it still runs.(It's a ASUS ROG). Thanks again for the valuable info.


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          Actually, I just found the LG BU40N will work in my laptop, if not, I can return.


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            Hi I have a few LG WH16NS60 Firmware Version 1.00 in stock that I am selling on ebay if anyone is interested. These are UHD Friendly as they have the Old Firmware: