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    Just got the email for DVDFab Prime, for $99/year you have access to everything DVDFab for a whole year. I would think if DVDFab throws in $100 discount on the DVDFab Movie Server for Prime members would sweeten/spice the value of being Prime! It is certainly doable, just get rid of the USB 2.0 interface from the Movie Server, who still uses 2.0

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    For the first time non lifetime member, get a free Movie Server. DVDFab Movie Server is the center piece of DVDFab ecosystem, once you are in, you are locked in for life just like Apple's iPhone or Amazon's Echo or Google Home.


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      Not everyone wants to watch movies using devices like the DMS, but I'm sure anyone that tried it would love it. I do. You are not really allowed to conduct polls here, anyone that agrees can comment by posting. There is a thread for this in General Questions where comments and questions are welcome, it's not really what General Chat is for, so I will close this thread.
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        Once I have the DVDFab Movie Server, I never go back to burning the disc thing. My friends and relatives are so impressed with it, it is a movie library at the fingertip, once I show them, they want one and get the DVDFab and start to archive their disc collections and give the discs away!


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          Anyway, Prime or non Prime, do some serious promotion with DVDFab Movie Server (DMS) this holidays, I personally like to get a few and hand them out as gifts for the holidays.

          1st DMS purchase for $199, 2nd for $179, 3rd or more for $150.


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            Pretty sure they cost more than that, but maybe the marketing guys can come up with something. You give generous gifts!
            The DMS has changed the way I watch movies also. Sold all my stock of Verbatim blanks on ebay about 2 years ago.
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              Amazon Echo and Google Home sell at a loss to get more people in their ecosystems; DMS has the same effect for DVDFab.

              If Echo Plus has better sound than my sound system, then I am all in for Amazon. Currently just use it to control all the lights and appliances in the house, it is nice to be able to voice command everything. Alexa this and Alexa that!

              I sometimes have more disposable income (like year end dividends) than I know what to do with it, so...