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Hardware Acceleration in DVDFab~UPDATED 6 May 2017

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  • From DVDFab Staff Hardware Acceleration in DVDFab~UPDATED 6 May 2017


    Hardware acceleration means much faster compression and conversion in DVDFab. Recent improvements have made it even better for more users thanks to new updates to include new abilities for users of AMD GPU video cards, effective with DVDFab v10.0.3.7 Beta. Please see below for details.

    Information for the Nvidia CUDA and Intel QuickSync (IQS) sections is being updated as well.

    Nvidia CUDA

    We will begin with Nvidia CUDA, the GPU acceleration most widely used by DVDFab customers.
    To be able to understand the following information you should find out a number for your GPU called the Compute Capability or cap value which is available from Nvidia here.

    1. CUDA H264:

    If your GPU's CUDA cap number is

    • Greater than 3.0
      • install the newest driver for encode+decode support and select CUDA in DVDFab Common Settings

    2. CUDA H265
    If your GPU's CUDA cap number is

    • at least 3.0 but less than 5.0
      • use current driver, but support is decode only for Windows 7, 8, 8.1. No support for Windows 10 presently.

    • 5.2 or greater
      • use current driver, encode+decode support for 950, 960, 970, 980, 1070 and 1080 and the corresponding M versions of these cards. Due to lack of support in current Nvidia SDK and driver, Win10 currently supports only encode for 970 and 980, but supports decode+encode for 950, 960, 1070 and 1080 cards.

    Intel QuickSync (IQS)

    To learn more about IQS in general and check for supported CPUs, click here.

    First, make sure you are familiar with the procedures for enabling IQS in DVDFab on your system. Read more here
    and in the thread that follows that post. Note that many of the issues raised in the thread were resolved long ago, but it still contains good information and may be helpful.

    1. IQS H264
    • Decode+Encode support with 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th Generation CPUs with Intel HD Graphics with QuickSync
    • Just follow the instructions for setting it up with DVDFab in the forum post linked above, then enable it in DVDFab Common Settings. With recent drivers, DVDFab should find it automatically and it will appear on the AV Codec page for you to select

    2. IQS H265
    • This powerful mode requires a 6th generation "Skylake' series CPU or later for full decode+encode support
    • For 4th and 5th generation CPU with HD Graphics 5500/5000/4600/4400, Iris Graphics 5100 or Iris Pro Graphics 5200 will support decode only, but will not be available when converting H265 source to H265 output, but IQS Lightning Shrink will use it when converting H265 source to H264 output


    Effective with DVDFab v10.0.3.7 Beta, support has been improved and added for users of AMD graphics processors. This includes hardware acceleration for h264 and (encoding only) h265. Support for h265 decoding can hopefully be added in the future. Here are some of the basic requirements to be able to use AMD APP products successfully with DVDFab:
    • Hardware acceleration works only if your PC uses Windows 7/8/8.1 or 10 and it and your card can use AMD Radeon Software Crimson Driver 17.1.1 (16.50.2611) or later
    • Your PC must use the following AMD hardware and DVDFab v10.0.3.7 Beta or later. In the list below, card models shown in black are h264 only, those in blue support h264+h265.
      • GCN 1.0 (Initial):
        Trinity Mobile APU A4-4300M, A6-4400M, A8-4500M, A10‐4600M, A4-4355M, A6-4455M, A8-4555M, A10-4655M
        Trinity Desktop APU A4-5300, A6-5400, A8-5500, A8-5600, A10-5700, A10-5800
        Richland Mobile APU A4-5150M, A6-5350M, A6-5357M, A8-5550M, A8-5557M, A10-5750M, A10-5757M, A4-5145M, A6-5345M, A8-5545M, A10-5745M
        Richland Desktop APU A4-4000, A6-6300, A6-6400, A8-6500, A8-6600, A10-6700, A10-6790, A10-6800
        Cape Verde Discrete GPU HD 7730, HD 7750, HD 7770, R7 250x
        Pitcairn Discrete GPU HD 7850, 7870, R9 270x/270/370
        Tahiti Discrete GPU HD7950, 7970, R9 280x
      • GCN 2nd gen: Kaveri Desktop APU A10-7850, A10-7700
        Kaveri Mobile APU FX-7500
        Kabini Mobile APU E1-2100, E1-2200, E1-2500, E2-3000, E2-3800, A4-5000, A4-5100, A6-5200
        Temash Mobile APU A4-1200, A4-1250, A4-1350, A6-1450
        Bonaire Discrete GPU HD7790, R9 260x/260
        Hawaii Discrete GPU R9 290x/290/295/390x/390
      • GCN 3rd/4th gen :
        Tonga Discrete GPU R9 285/380
        Fiji Discrete GPU R9 Fury X/R9 Fury/R9 Nano

        Polaris Discrete GPU RX 580/570/560/550/480/470/460
      • Pro Duo 2017

    Note: H265 decoding is not currently supported for any of the listed cards but will be added soon.

    The selection of using AMD APP for decoding and/or encoding is made on the AV Codec page in Common Settings as it is for CUDA and IQS. If for some reason your selection is not supported, DVDFab will provide a message to inform you. Remember that all hardware drivers are sensitive to the OS version and updates for it that you have installed, so check to see if your OS is updated and stable and if the problem persists,start anew thread about it or look through the forum to see if other users have experienced it or found a solution. Before you post about your problem or contact email support, please download and run the AMDCheck utility and supply that result and the FabCheck logfile by attaching it to your post or the email that you send to the Support Team in Beijing.

    AMD hardware acceleration will provide you with much improved speed compared with the Software setting with great video quality.

    ************************************************** ****
    This information is current as of 6 May 2017 with DVDFab v10.0.3.7 Beta and may be updated from time to time. If you have a problems or questions with hardware acceleration in DVDFab, post in this thread and attach the DVDFab internal log session, the DVDFab FabCheck log session (and run the AMDCheck utility and attach the output if using AMD) that relate to the problem. The AMDCheck utility can be found in the zip file attached to this post.

    Prepared by Wilson.Wang, Signals and DVDFab Developers.
    Attached Files
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    Nvidia or Intel Graphics performance

    Wondering what would provide better performance for encoding and decoding. Considering the Intel CPU 6th Generation Skylake CPU with Intel HD Graphics 530 and wondering if using DVDFab CUDA configuration with a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950 GAMING 2G GDDR5 DVI/HDMI/3DisplayPort pci-e card would out perform the CPU built in graphics when using DVDFab? which one is better and by how much (2 times, 1.5 times faster?). Thanks


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      There are users here with both. You are unlikely to see that much difference in speed, both will be very good. The Skylake will improve other things in addition to conversions.
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        Thank you- One clarification I'm building a new system --so if I read your post correctly I can save some money by using the Skylake and its graphics processing and save the money by NOT purchasing the separate NVIDIA graphics card, correct? Also, any other hardware recommendations you would have that would improve performance with DVDFab would be appreciated.


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          We have quite a few roll-your-own experts here that have made rigs with astounding results, I'll let them respond with some tips. For a full discussion, please start a new thread, this one in dedicated to IQS and CUDA updates.
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            Geforce GTX 1070

            With the latest Version of Nvidia Driver:
            NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Version: (368.81)
            i become the message that CUDA HEVC Devoder not supported
            but the encode Speed ist fantastic over 670fps with a Blu-Ray Image


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              Thanks for the feedback, you must be on Win10, where only encode is supported currently, see post #1 in this thread.
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                Yes you are right I use Windows 10 latest Version, but in the first Articel with the red Text marked stands for the GTX1070
                decode + encode. But for me is not so important to decode Films with it. Encode Speed rules


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                  I could confirm this. In Windows 10 Anniversary Update with latest Geforce Drivers it is not possible to activate Hardware Decoding in HEVC.

                  I had brand new Geforce GTX 1060.

                  Before this, with Geforce GTX960 Hardware Decoding HEVC was not a problem.

                  But me, it's very important to have GPU Support to decode HEVC (H.265).

                  Would it be possible in near future ?!


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                    I think they are waiting for a driver update from nvidia. Decode support will be added ASAP.
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                      I've added an HDD that boots to Windows 7 Pro with a quick BIOS tweak and H265 decode is supported on my 980 card. Maybe something for the interim.
                      How to post the internal log

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                        I would prefer AMD Graphic Cards like RX470 or RX480. But there is noch GPU Support in DVDFab for Decoding / Encoding in H.264 or HEVC (H.265).

                        Only CUDA (NVENC, fully Support) and IQS are supported.

                        Could it be possible in the future to support these GPU's ?! They have integrated Video Hardware Encoders, basicly it should be possible to support all the big Manufacturers...


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                          If GPU is disabled, then reenable does not work

                          I've noticed that if I diasable GPU hardware H264 encoding in general setting - t.ex to troubleshoot a failing conversion - then reenabling does not work. It stays disabled until next update or DVDFab or reinstall.

                          Same is still in latest version - just reinstalled again ;-)


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                            Originally posted by FJA View Post
                            I've noticed that if I diasable GPU hardware H264 encoding in general setting - t.ex to troubleshoot a failing conversion - then reenabling does not work. It stays disabled until next update or DVDFab or reinstall.

                            Same is still in latest version - just reinstalled again ;-)

                            could you please explain the problem with more details?

                            Set H264 encoder to Software and DVDFab failed to convert? Re-start DVDFab also does not work?

                            and also please post the DVDFab internal log file, thanks!

                            Please post your logs the default location is:
                            For DVDFab9_Win7 & Win8 C:\Users\User Name\My Documents\DVDFab9\Log
                            For DVDFab10_Win7 & Win8 C:\Users\User Name\My Documents\DVDFab10\Log
                            For Mac: /User/User name/Documents/DVDFab10/Log
                            Please use attachment button and attach your most recent, Internal log and post right here.
                            If it's the burning issue, please also attach burn log.



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                              H.265 HEVC Encoding/Decoding - GeForce GTX 1050?

                              Hello everyone!

                              I see mention that the 1060/1070 videocards are supported.

                              Does anyone know if the GTX 1050 / GTX 1050 ti videocards are supported?

                              I have a Lenovo Thinkserver TS140 with an Intel i3-4130 so my only option
                              for HEVC would be a bus powered nVidia card.

                              I am looking at the "EVGA GeForce GTX 1050 SC GAMING, 02G-P4-6152-KR, 2GB GDDR5, DX12 OSD Support (PXOC)" card.

                              I found the QuickSync quality of the i3-4130 very poor when compared to the `software mode' quality of the 2-pass mode that can not use QuickSync. How is the quality of the nVIDIA CUDA process?

                              Thanks in advance!