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"Dirty disc" notification

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  • "Dirty disc" notification

    It seems that DVDfab will skip cells that give a reading error and keep going, without seemingly notifying the user. This will result in missing a tiny piece of the movie. This is useful if you can't do anything about the error, but often the disc is dirty or scratched and can be fixed easily.
    Is their a way in DVD Fab to find out how many read errors were encountered during a rip?
    Now I find out way later when watching the movie and larger sections are crappy.

    Thanks for any help.


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    there is preferences for this, including how many times you want to retry.

    Check out your settings


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      Hi Audiophile,

      I have it set for "ask retry/ignore/abort when reading error". But I have movies that have distorted parts (like hiccups), but never got a dialog box with these options.

      Does this setting work?



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        You just have to watch out (if your using windoze OS) that your drive will go into PIO mode and then you will have problems with that also.
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          i have generally had the 'read' error control work on hitting what i knew to be a flaky disc. i of course assume there were no problems with the original disc in playing smooth & your read error was turned on as is the default ...
          what i really wonder is ... can you be sure that problem didn't lie in the burn you made (media, speed, etc) rather than the original dvdfab read to hard drive ... assume you already erased any hard drive copy, so why not just repeat & this time check playability of hard drive version, particularly in areas where you experienced prior trouble on copy. If OK, then use ImgBurn to do a nice 'slow' burn to good media like Verbatim .. Unless you don't have the original?


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            DVDFab is normally able to grind data even out of really trashed discs. I buy a lot of the "previously abused" ones from BBuster and it has made clean copies from discs that my standalones would not play. To expand on audiophile's recommendation, if it is skipping too much conent, set the number of retries higher and the number of sectors to skip lower. And heed Bob's advice about checking that the drive has not been forced into PIO mode when you're finished. When you know you've got a bad one, disable the read ahead cache also (the checkbox is on the same page in Common Settings->DVD/Blu-ray->Read).
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