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  • Split 1 title into several videos

    Many TV shows like to bundle 6-7 episodes on a disc and split it up by chapters. Episode 1 being chapters 1-5, episode 2 would be 6-10 etc. etc. etc.
    Back in the DVDFab 8/9 days you could simply copy the source a few times, and assign each 'copy' to the chapters relating to each episode.

    Where is this option in DVDFab 10? I have been looking for a while now and I can't seem to find it.

    I appreciate the help! Thanks!

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    If you right click on the line that shows the title information, you should see the options to Copy Source. This works better if you are not copying from an optical disc (make a Full Disc copy to a folder on your HDD first). It should look like the attached image.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	1-011 SOURCES.png Views:	1 Size:	340.6 KB ID:	340048

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      Weird, when I rt click I do not get that option. I see Preview, source info, and export source info, but no option for Copy Source.
      This is a fresh install... is there an option in a sub-menu somewhere I am missing to enable the feature?


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        here is what I see
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          welp, I feel silly. Ran an update and the option started showing up. We are all good now.

          Thanks for the help!


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            One other thing to check is the "Choose other titles" option. I've seen TV episode discs where the first selected title (remember by default Fab will automatically select the title with the longest play length) is the "play all episodes" option found in the actual dvd menu of the disk, but often times if you check the "Other titles", you will find separate titles for the individual episodes. Then you don't have to figure out the chapter breaks for each episode. Just be sure to uncheck the title of that long 4+ episode title and then just check the individual episode titles.