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DVDFab menu needs to be resized

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  • DVDFab menu needs to be resized

    When I open DVDFab, the menu is so high on my 19 in. monitor that I can't get to the start button. I have put the cursor on the top and hold the left button down to drag but it doesn't move. I can move the menu left and right but not up and down. Does anyone know how to shrink the menu so I can use the start button or remove the items that have never been used which would shrink the menu, I think?

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    There is no way to change the gui since v4 or 5. Please supply the versions you are using of DVDFab and Windows.You may need to adjust the resolution of your desktop.

    If you can see the bottom of the DVDFab gui, you can click and drag in the area outlined in yellow to change the position and in the lower right corner to scale the size If you can see the top, you can click and hold in the areas between the Copy-Ripper-Converter... icons as well as the area around the lighthouse, and you can resize from the upper right corner, to the right of the "X".

    Click image for larger version

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      Thanks for responding. I can't see the bottom of the DVDFab (v that is showing on your picture. MY Windows 10 taskbar is covering it. I have tried to change the resolutions with no luck. I found out by accident if I click the X and close the menu, the program windows does open so I am ok. Thanks again.