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  • Performance pc backup v2

    will pc backup v2 allow cloning a 2 tb hard drive with less than 400 gb of data to a 1 tb hard drive?
    will the purchase of a license be valid for more than 1 pc if I hold a extra 3 pc licence on my subscription?

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    see here - https://www.dvdfab.cn/pc-backup.htm?...menu2#overview


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      thanks october262
      I had already looked at the webpage before, it does not answer my questions


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        The cloning I believe works on a partition basis, so no, that would not be possible on a one-step basis. You could use one of the partition managers (lke EaseUS) to resize the partition on the 2TB drive and then clone it, but I am not sure any software on the drive currently would think it was still in the same place if that matters for your application. I have the Pro version of EaseUS, it works great but the free version might do for you.

        The licenses for Fab PC Backup are managed differently so I do not believe the extra authorizations work for this product.

        If your 2TB is a bootable disc and you want the 1TB to be also, you may find this useful: https://www.easeus.com/landing/seo/b...ble-drive.html
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          thanks as usual Signals
          the easeus software link to the paid version was what I needed to get the job done
          you are an asset to your employer