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  • From DVDFab Staff Prime Membership FAQ

    Q: Whatís DVDFab Prime?
    A: You can consider the newly introduced DVDFab Prime as a type of VIP Membership.

    Q: What can I do with Prime? The Benefits:
    A: Once subscribed to DVDFab Prime, you can get free access to all our current payware products (excluding only the DVDFab DIY) which includes DVDFab 11, Player 5, Passkey, Geekit, all our current services shown below and all our future payware and services, including Cinavia Removal and the new Firmware Regression tool (coming soon).

    Click image for larger version  Name:	1-011 PRIMEBENEFITS.png Views:	1 Size:	205.5 KB ID:	361533

    Q: How do I upgrade to DVDFab Prime?
    A: If you are an existing Lifetime All-In-One user, just go to your Member Center page, where you should see the button below.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	fetch?id=361459&d=1541629606.png Views:	2 Size:	100.6 KB ID:	361534

    Newcomers can directly purchase the Prime membership which starts at $365 for the beginning year, and just $99 for each year that follows.

    Q: Do I need to upgrade to DVDFab Prime if I have a DVDFab AIO license?
    A: That depends. Considering all the above-mentioned benefits, we think itís worth the upgrade. However, if you donít, you still can use your AIO license as long as it is valid.

    Q: Can I still use my old license when my prime subscription expires?
    A: Yes, thatís for sure. If you want to discontinue your Prime membership after it expires, your previous license(s) will still work as long as it is unexpired; it can be renewed as before.

    Q: Am I totally free to use the new payware products or new DVDFab modules as an active Prime member?
    A: Sure, as stated above, as long as you have an active Prime subscription, all the future new payware products and services will be cost-free to you, such as the upcoming Player 5 (Mac version), DVDFab 11 (Mac version) and the 4K UHD Drive Firmware Downgrading Tool (name not set yet).

    Q: Where can I check my Prime subscription?
    A: You can check your Prime subscription status anytime you want at Member Center, or in the client end of DVDFab 11, Player 5, Passkey and Geekit after authorizing/activating with your DVDFab Account.

    Q: How to count the authorizations the Prime member offers if I already have purchased the 3-Computer License?
    A: In this case, you will get 8 authorizations in total. In Prime, the 5-Computer License actually gives you 10 authorizations, 5 for Windows and 5 for Mac. If you already purchased the 3-Computer License for Windows before, then with Prime subscription, you will get another 5 authorizations for Windows, and 5 for macOS. The previous authorizations you purchased are still 100% valid.

    Q: Which product versions can recognize Prime subscriptions?
    A: The Prime service is recognized on the following versions: DVDFab v11.0.0.3 or later (Windows version), DVDFab 11 for Mac (coming soon), Player v5.0.2.2 or later (Windows version), Player 5 for Mac (coming soon), Passkey v9.3.2.5 or later and Geekit.

    This thread is open, you can post questions about Prime below, we will try to answer ASAP.

    by Wilson.Wang
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    Thank you for all of the clarification. Can I ask what payment methods you can process.

    I prefer to make payments online via Pay Pal. Is this possible?


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      Originally posted by sieveis View Post
      Thank you for all of the clarification. Can I ask what payment methods you can process.

      I prefer to make payments online via Pay Pal. Is this possible?
      Please check PM regarding payment, thanks.
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        I was looking at the new prime membership trying to see if it would be an advantage to me or not. I am currently DVDfab all-in-one lifetime. What advantages would being a prime member do for me? I see it gives multiplatform, multi-computer and access to future modules developed. Am I leaving anything out? Thanks.


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          Hi Darkore,
          Take a look at the FAQ https://forum.dvdfab.cn/forum/dvdfab...membership-faq if you haven't. I am moving your thread into the FAQ thread so all the questions will be in one place.You would benefit from not having to pay anything for new modules or the UHD Firmware regressor, you would currently pay for new modules at a 50% discount, also the one-to-one support option is nice, if necessary, someone will log onto your PC and troubleshoot problems live. The other side benefits are listed in the FAQ.
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            So basically your telling us that the value of the AIO that people have purchased has been thrown out the door so you can provide a subscription service and fleece your customers even more?

            When I purchased the All In One, I was told that I had a lifetime license and would be able to use it for as long as I had the software license. This is just what is upseting so many people about the Sortware as a "Service" business model instead of a Software as a "Product". People don't want to have to pay constantly over and over again like its some utility bill, or cell service. but the greedy corporations just keep finding new ways to dig into everyones pocketbook.


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              Shaggy6977, that is definitely not what they are telling you. If you don't want to sign up for the Prime Membership then nothing will change for you. Your AIO license will remain valid as long as it is current (in your case, for a lifetime). Even if you wanted to signup for the Prime Membership for only one year and then cancel, your AIO license will still be valid and anything you already paid for will still be available for your use for the duration you paid for (again, in your case, for a lifetime). You will NOT lose what you already paid for.


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                Just need some clarification. Currently, I only have license for DVD Copy and Blu-ray Copy modules (both lifetime), plus the freeware stuff, and I also purchased 3 additional licenses. If I subscribe to prime, will it then give me access to ALL modules listed in DVDFab 11 for $99 one year subscription price? Or since I am not licensed for the other modules, will I need to pay $365 for the first year? Or do I already need to be licensed for AIO already?

                The reason I ask is that in the FAQ, it implies that I need to already be a AIO lifetime user (which I am not):

                Q: How do I upgrade to DVDFab Prime?
                A: If you are an existing Lifetime All-In-One user, just go to your Member Center page, where you should see the button below.

                Thank you.


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                  LaciBacsi, I believe you have to either be an existing Lifetime All-In-One user or be an existing Lifetime All-In-One user equivalent (meaning you have purchased ALL of the modules separately). All you need to do is log in to the Member Center and see if the option is there to signup for $99 on the main page. If it is not there then I believe you don't qualify and will have to pay $365 for the first year. You can always contact support to be sure.

                  If you are thinking about signing up for a Prime Membership this how I would recommend for you to do it. I would first purchase a Lifetime All-In-One license which for a limited time includes a 5 computer license and a $30 Amazon gift card for only $258.30. This deal is currently on DVDFab's webpage and will expire before November 24th, 2018 according to DVDFab. Now that you have a Lifetime All-In-One license you should qualify for the first year being $99 instead of $365. There's a couple of benefits for doing it this way. First, your initial investment will be no higher than purchasing a Prime Membership without a Lifetime All-In-One license...$357.30=($258.30+$99) vs. $365. Second, if you decide at some point to not renew your Prime Membership you will still have your Lifetime All-In-One license (including only the modules that were available at the time you purchased it) and the 5 computer license for your All-In-One.


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                    jkadlec Thank you for that explanation. It is more or less what I thought but wanted to verify.