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Billing statement and amount discrepancy

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  • Purchase Problem Billing statement and amount discrepancy

    I recently purchased one of the products, and it works great. However, when I looked at my billing statement, I had a listing for a website called easycost.top, which is a hardware store from the United Kingdom. On top of that, the amount was $103.22 USD. When I checked out, it said the final amount was $89.25 USD. I can understand that the final amount possibly wasn't taking into account the exchange rate, but having it listed as easycost.top makes no sense. The suffix, .cn, refers to China. So why is it that it shows up as a hardware retailer in the UK? I ended up canceling a credit card, because I thought someone stole my information. I didn't recognize the retailer or the amount, and no rational line of thought would have led me to believe that DVDFab would show up this way on my billing statement.

    I got an email from them telling me that it was actually them which does put my mind at ease a little. It's nice knowing that nobody actually got my information, but at the same time, a little transparency would be nice. Nobody is going to be nearly as mad if there are additional charges so long as you tell them what they are before they check out, and telling people what is going to show up on their billing statement, if it isn't obvious, would also be nice so no one thinks their information has been stolen.

    That having been said, I would still like to know why it shows up as easycost.top instead of simply, DVDFab.cn, on my billing statement.

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    DVDFab is of course located in China, but uses payment processors who may have a presence in different locations for different countries and currencies. If you purchased on the DVDFab website and received acknowledgement/confirmation of the purchase I would not be concerned.
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