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slow transfer rates with new computer??

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    slow transfer rates with new computer??

    My older computer transferred data twice as fast as my new computer.....New computer (HP) is taking over 3 hours to copy files where as the old computer 30 minutes....Any suggestions on speeding up the transfer times....Thx

    I should add that my computer has the Intel UHD Graphics 630 card


      what are the specs for the new computer ??
      and does it have all the latest updates
      also try checking for a driver update for
      your computer's graphics card.


        Two things I can think of here......

        First and foremost is it's a new system!

        So check the processes running in the background. Windows 10 Default configuration can have some unwanted processes running in the background which may cause said slow down.

        Second would be Bloatware/garbage from HP running in the background that could be slowing the system down.

        I just recently got my daughter a 17" Dell laptop powerful enough to create Bitcoin if she wanted to as she needs it for VR Modeling in college. I found that there was a couple of Dell Garbage processes used for monitoring which sucked up the bandwidth and slowed the system down. Once I disabled this garbage and prevented it from being auto-reinstalled, the system simply flew compared with how slow it was previously.

        So my recommendation here is to do a bit of research on the system you purchased in regards to "how to fix system slow down on new {insert model number without brackets}"

        And while you're at it, research any processes you're not sure of.

        Good Luck

        As for the Video card, I have no experience with Intel UHD Graphics


        If said system has Windows Home on it, you can easily upgrade it to Professional using the Key from a legitimate Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate DVD that you own.
        Just go into Settings > System > About - The click on "Change product key or upgrade your edition or Windows" then Enter the Windows 7 Pro or Ultimate Key and reboot the system. This will upgrade your system to Windows 10 Professional


          Thanks for everyone's suggestion...I went to device manager and updated every driver listed....I did a search on fixing a slow computer on the HP590-p0070 and didn't find anything that would help....I also went into start up and diabled many programs......The processor is a Ci7 8700 3.20 Ghz...............When transferring files from a DVD , I'm getting 4.0MBs....My other computer I was transferring at 10MBs....Is there a setting with DVD Fab that needs changed....or could it be the graphics card which is an intel UHD 630....When I connected a USB external blu ray, transfer rates on a blu ray were 3.0MBs...compared to my older machine which was getting about 18-20 MBs.....Any thoughts???


            Also, I'm running Windows 10 Home version....Build 1809


              I checked the graphics card in my other computer...It is an AMD Radeon HD 6670


                checked the specs for your system and it appears to be a fairly decent system.

                Couldn't check the software specs though what with how the HP site is setup to auto detect your system.

                Although personally I would order a new case and transfer everything from the old to the new case, then you could add an internal Blue Ray burner and an additional hard drive so as to avoid any bottlenecks caused by using the USB ports. Make sure you take pictures of any connectors and jumpers if you do change cases.

                I'm partial to Corsair cases. Tried to find a picture of the one I currently have which looks like a WWII ammunition case but I couldn't find any pictures.

                I use Liquid cooling with the radiator installed in the top, Two DVD Burners, a Blue Ray Burner and three internal drives with five external drives connected to it.

                Been wanting to replace my video card for a while now as mine is older than yours, it's a Sapphire HD4770 OC Edition
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                  My new computer is working great except I can't increase the transfer rate when using DVD FAB.....Blu rays transfer at 2.40 MBS then eventually just stop.....I'm leaning toward it might be the graphic card....Everything in my older computer works fine when transferring files...very frustrating.....


                    Only thing I can suggest right now is to have the task manager open to the Processes Tab, make sure it shows details from all users and just keep an eye on the CPU and Memory percentages while you do different things including when you run DVDFab to find out what may be causing the problem.

                    Anything that looks suspicious you can google.

                    You're going to have to go through the process of elimination as something is causing the problem as it did on my daughters laptop.

                    I wish I could remember what it was that cause the problem on her system as it's probably something similar which HP is probably using to keep tabs on the system or supposedly speed up it's connection. But in reality has the effect of causing slow downs.

                    Good Luck


                      I looked at the setting that DVD Fab was assigned to in my old computer and saw that everything was set to "software" instead of "intel quick sync" and CPU cores running was set to 4 instead of 12......Still twice as slow as old computer......


                        Originally posted by gkman1 View Post
                        My new computer is working great except I can't increase the transfer rate when using DVD FAB.....Blu rays transfer at 2.40 MBS then eventually just stop.....I'm leaning toward it might be the graphic card....Everything in my older computer works fine when transferring files...very frustrating.....
                        start dvdfab and in the upper right hand corner click the little arrow - click common settings - AV Codec - and see if you have the
                        "Disable all GPU codecs for decoding & encoding" checkbox checked, if it is, un check it and restart dvdfab and retry
                        your Blu ray disc again.

                        also try checking & temporarily disabling your antivirus software as sometimes those programs can slow a computer down.


                          I checked and "Disable all GPU codecs for decoding & encoding was unchecked......I just can't figure out why my older computer was faster with the dvd and blu ray transfers.....


                            I would use this as a Last Resort in your case
                            But if it was my system, I would just go ahead and do this if I was unable to diagnose and fix the problem when working directly on the system.

                            If it comes down to it, you could do this to solve the problem if you are good with computers or know someone who is good with them.

                            1 - Check to see if there is any new Firmware available for your system before you go any further, this may fix your problem.

                            ------ If new firmware does not fix problem, then continue

                            2 - Make sure you have your installation media

                            3 - Download all OEM Drivers for the system - when possible down newest drivers from parts manufacturer as OEM may not always have newest drivers.

                            4 - Ignore OEM software as any one piece of this may be what's causing the problem.

                            5 - Backup the linux partition (the restore partition) of your hard drive just in case you decide you need this. You can use a flash drive of the same size as the partition. You might need a piece of software that lets you access and read Linux partitions with Windows Explorer.

                            6 - Wipe the drive including Restore partition and do a fresh installation of windows, installing the drivers when needed.

                            Just make sure you have your windows key handy before you attempt to do this.

                            But for the most part, fresh installations usually fix such any such problems caused by OEMs.

                            If you decide to use any of the OEM software, carefully check each piece out first and use Google to make sure there won't be any problems caused by any of it. Look for the problematic reviews, not the "all coming up daises" reviews as those are not the reviews you want to look for. The problematic reviews are the ones which are the honest ones which tell the truth as it is.


                              Was just checking my bookmarks to see if I still have that software bookmarked.

                              http://www.fs-driver.org/ Ext2 IFS For Windows

                              This piece of software is what I have used in the past to access both OEM Recovery partitions and Linux drives from my windows systems. I haven't tried it with Windows 10 yet, but I see no reason why it shouldn't work. It allows you to assign a drive letter to these drives or partitions so you can access them or if you decide you no longer want to access the drive or partition you can remove the drive letter.

                              It's a very simple and elegant piece of software.