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slow transfer rates with new computer??

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    Just a thought here you say you connected a blu ray drive externally to USB in post #5 did you connect it to the high speed labeled in blue inputs for hi speed transfer?
    Also try a different USB blue input and sometimes unpowered UBS port extenders can't be used and transfer at high speed.One last thought try changing the wire to another to the external blu ray drive I seen connectors get loose on them some are cheaply made.


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      I think I may have figured out the problem…..I researched the read speeds of my dvd drives……Old computer was reading at 16X and new computer at 8X…….I never thought a newer computer would read slower….Also, my old blu ray drive was reading at 8X and I just ordered an LG BU40N internal blu ray drive for my new computer. The LG will still read DVDs at 8x and blu rays at 6X. Hope this helps me. One other note….I did buy an external USB 3.0 blu ray writer and it was incredibly slow…I returned it. Is going through USB much slower reading times? It was stating over 3 hours to finish the disc and it wouldn't even finish.....just stopped with error codes....


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        Depending on whether you are using USB 2.0 or 3.0 it can have a big difference in speed.

        But yeah, an 8X optical drive compared to an 16X optical drive would definitely be slower and take longer to process.

        One of the reasons I recommend more than one internal Hard Drives is this,......

        Temp directory, directory you write to, and other write operations.

        So when using DVDFab, I usually have the Temp folder set to one drive and the write folder set to another drive so as to speed up operations. Cause if it's doing everything to one drive at the same time, all those multiple writes would slow it down where as using multiple drives for multiple operations at the same time speeds up performance.

        It's basically the same thing speed wise as using RAID to speed your drives up. But in this case, you're applying it differently.


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          Well, adding the LG internal drive fixed the issue.....Thanks for all of your help....


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            Hi,gkman1, thanks for the update. We are glad your issue has been fixed.
            User Manual for DVDFab v10 (pdf)

            DVDFab log default location:
            For Windows: C:\Users\User Name\Documents\DVDFab10\Log
            For Mac: Finder> Documents> DVDFab10> Log

            DVDFab Player 5:
            For Windows:C:\Users\User Name\Documents\DVDFab Player 5\Log