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Just trying to understand if I'm looking at the correct products

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  • Just trying to understand if I'm looking at the correct products

    Before I start, I'll say I don't care about storage space. I built a NAS specifically for this purpose. I want full quality of content as it exists on the disc, and nothing less for picture and audio. Subtitles I'm less strict on, as I only rip both the forced English and English subtitles.

    What I was using previously was MakeMKV, but I'm just all over disgusted with how unstable MakeMKV is. Thankfully the regular version is free, and the trial version for Bluray+UHD was enough for me to see that I am not interested in MakeMKV. What I was using, however, was MKV format for content to put on my NAS, which I would like to continue doing.

    I gave the trial version of DVDFab a go, and it seemed to do an OK job with the 3 discs I was able to 'trial', but seeing as that's only 3, and all 3 were standard DVD, I just want to make sure I understand which DVDFab products are right for me.

    As I understand it based on my trial experience, the DVD Ripper is all I need to rip MKV files in full format. What I did was, in the advanced setting I checked the box for "Copy Video" and "Copy Audio". My question here is: is this the best way to rip content off of DVDs? I suspect it is based on my Googl-ing, but since DVDFab isn't that cheap, I just want to be sure before I hit the buy button.

    Also, since it seems I have to purchase separately I would like to have the exact same functionality for ripping full quality Bluray and UHD as well. I have far less Bluray than I do DVDs (and the ratio will probably remain this way because sometimes I just don't see the point of buying Bluray because quality for some movies/shows don't matter to me), but I would like the ability to still back up and remotely watch video via my NAS and my Plex server all the same. I suspect Bluray Ripper...am I close?

    UHD I have even less of a need for to watch because my local network infrastructure actually can't even handle streaming 4k content currently. So the main purpose for this would be to back up discs, although I never even bothered with most of my UHD, despite the collection being much smaller, because streaming is my main focus and backing up discs is secondary; so if I can't watch it remotely, then I don't care as much. Also, since all UHD come with a Bluray version for some reason, I have just been ripping and streaming those - between my network and my eyes can' tell the difference between 4k and 1080p in a lot of cases (and it turns out I bought a bunch of '4k' discs that aren't true 4k, but are upscaled...). Still, I would like to figure out what is appropriate for UHD all the same as well. I suspect eventually I'll upgrade my local network infrastructure to handle more throughput to my TV. Same as DVD though, full quality. Is it even worth doing UHD at this point?

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    Hi Karl
    You can buy only the modules you would currently use, then add others later as desired. Like you, I had a huge collection of DVDs that I thought I would never change, but many of them have been re-released in remastered or restored versions on Blu-ray, so I have added many of them as well. All you need is the Ripper module for whichever format you want to use, DVD,BD,UHD etc. and choose the Passthrough mode, which will copy the original video stream with no re-encoding, it doesn't get any closer to the original than that.
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      I bought the Conversion function because I like to trim, crop, use the watermark, adjust audio level etc. Making all the settings when Ripping the disc is hard on the Computer Drive & I have worn out many. As far as quality I use the Customize setting & maximize the amount of data space used. I don't know about Passthrough.