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    Introduction to the Forum

    The DVDFab forum is a private software support forum. You may find the rules and policies a little different here than other forums and we encourage you to read about them.

    You must register as a member to start a thread or reply to posts, but anyone is welcome to browse the forum and download DVDFab updates or other material and registration is not required to use these features. All you need to register is a valid email address. Registration is a two-step process that requires a response to a confirmation email to complete. You will not be able to post in the forum until you respond. Please check your spam folder or filter settings if you don't see the email within a few minutes. After confirmation, all new users are placed in a moderation queue, where email and IP addresses are checked against known spammer blacklists and for other factors before they become active. This can take as little as a few minutes or as long as a day or so if the queue is overloaded. As a New Member, any posts or threads you start will be reviewed by a moderator before they appear. This restriction is temporary and helps keep the forum spam-free, so please be patient.

    You are not automatically registered for the forum when you purchase and register DVDFab. To protect your security and privacy, the databases for the DVDFab customer list and forum users list are never shared, even with each other.

    Using the Forum

    The forum is organized to make it easy for you to find information on the subject of interest. You can also use the Search tool, which is located in the upper banner on any forum page to locate help or information on a specific subject. If you can't find anything, choose the correct sub-forum (DVD, Blu-ray, Ripper etc.) and start a new thread to ask your question or seek help.

    The moderators and administrators for the forum are listed on the "view forum leaders" page. You can use the Private Message (PM) system to ask them questions about how to use the forum, but questions or problems about DVDFab should be made in the forum so that the reply may benefit other users. Please don't ask for technical help via the PM system.

    The moderators are here to maintain order and see that the rules and policies are followed. They are all knowledgeable about DVDFab and provide technical support in the forums as their time permits, but that is not their main job. You will probably find responses to your questions from long-time DVDFab users as well.

    Please follow the moderators' instructions. They are all volunteers and should be treated with respect. If you think you have not been treated with corresponding regard by one of them, you may contact me or DVDFab staff via PM or other means.

    Posts & Threads

    With only a few exceptions, you can start new threads or post replies in any sub-forum as soon as you are registered.

    You can edit your own posts for a brief period after making them to correct facts, add information or fix typos. If the "Edit" button does not appear in the lower right of the your post, the period has expired. If it is important to the discussion, just make another post.

    Except for New Members, neither threads nor posts are subject to moderation before appearing in the forum. This means that you may occasionally see inappropriate material or spam, but we work very hard to prevent it. You can help by clicking on the Report Post button if you see something that should not be here. This "no moderation" policy speeds up posts and replies and will allow a faster answer to your question.

    Most of the sub-forums require you to choose a prefix when starting a new thread. This is done to allow DVDFab staff to quickly locate new problems or areas that they are interested in following, but it can benefit users as well. Please choose your prefix and thread title carefully.

    If a thread is started in the wrong sub-forum, a moderator may move it to the right one. The thread title will remain where it was posted with a notation that it has been "Moved". You can click on the title of a moved thread to be taken to its new location.


    Ideas for improvement in the forum are always welcome. You can post them in the General Questions sub-forum or send them to a forum staff member via the PM system.


    The information you provide when registering is considered private and is never shared with third parties under any circumstances. Using the User Control Panel ("User CP"), you can decide whether to receive email from other members and control other aspects of information sharing. Moderators and other forum staff have access to this information and may send you email regardless of User CP settings.
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