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    Important: Please put all threads, questions, problems etc. about the XP version in this forum only. Start a new thread as you would for other versions of DVDFab. Note that the developers that work on this specialized product check here first for any problems you may experience.
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    being restricted to 9245 is about more than just Windows XP

    a suggestion:
    Being unable to progress past version 9245 is about more than the operating system. It is also about the configuration of the computer. Any DVDFab version beyond 9245 will not run on my Dell Latitude D620 due to an incompatibility with the qt development tool used with DVDFab (I hope I said that correctly). This laptop is happily running Windows 10 Pro - but is restricted to DVDFab or 9245 older. Maybe a brief explanatory paragraph about what circumstances beyond using WinXP will cause problems with versions later than 9245 would be useful?